Apomu Pioneered Abeokuta!

The Owu people have been displaced from their homelands quite a number of times in the course of their history, starting from their original homestead in the Savannah region below the River Niger discovered by their progenitor, Ajibosun a.k.a. Asunkungbade, first grandson of Oduduwa, up to their last known major habitat at Owu-Ipole now known as Orile-Owu, where their most recent displacement triggered by the Owu Wars took place. The new city of Abeokuta later became the major recipient of the troupes of Owu refugees searching for new homes after the Pan-Yoruba invasion forces that sacked their city of Owu-Ipole swore that it would never be rebuilt again.

By 1824, the ancient market town of Apomu was already invaded and destroyed by this alliance of troops principally from Ijebu, Oyo and Ife. Sangojimi Gudugba, one of the valiant warrior/hunters of Orile Apomu had escaped to Ibadan with a large contingent of Apomu citizens while the capital city of the Owu people was being besieged by the invaders, a siege which lasted over 6 years.

At Ibadan, Sangojimi had met with the acquaintance of the town’s Baale and won his favor well enough to be given a beautiful bride and an appointment as one of the Baale’s military counselors.
A further meeting with fellow warrior/hunter,Sodeke, who was then the deputy leader of the Egba refugees in the town…

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