BREAKING NEWS: Free Websites to all Owu Communities! is offering free websites (subdomains) to all Owu communities worldwide who are registered with the Royal Union of Owu People (RUOP)!

This is part of our website’s contributions to the development of Owu history, culture, and modern information delivery systems at all Owu community levels, and solidarity with RUOP at 21, as an anniversary gift to all Owu people.

Since the inception of in 2008, there have been comments about the seeming Owu-Abeokuta bias of the website and many observers had proposed a more pan-Owu approach to the site. It is in response to these requests that we have chosen the most appropriate moment to unwrap our gift package to all the Owu communities, the 21st anniversary of the union, hosting at Abeokuta on the 7th and 8th of December, 2012.

The free websites shall operate in this fashion:

They shall be managed with our hosting account under the address of, but shall include their own distinctive addresses or identity as a prefix.

For example, if Owu-Obaloyan community wants its own site under this scheme, it may be addressed as, likewise if Orile-Owu also seek a presence, it shall read as etc.

The advantage to the participating communities is that they will be able to project their local history, opinions and related news and information to the whole world in exactly the way they desire… totally free of charge as we shall bear the costs and technical details of hosting their sub-domain websites!

The major condition however is that members of the various communities will have to provide the history and other contents they want to feature on their individual sites, and perhaps also a specific person as co-author to assist with managing contents and comments on those sites. The regularity of contents and dynamism of these sites will totally depend on these inputs since we at owulakoda .com are limited by resource and logistics to take up any major extra responsibilities.

It is thus hereby publicly announced that all communities interested in benefiting from this scheme make their interest known to either the RUOP executive body either through their zonal representatives, by email directly to this website through, or at the floor of the 21st Owu Convention in Abeokuta.

Why are we doing this?

We came online specifically to serve, project, and propagate the great Owu heritage to the whole of the universe, and we aim to do just that with all our ability…with or without any human assistance, so help us God!

Moreover, we are convinced that all Owu people, big or small, should have a voice to communicate their mighty presence to the world!

HAPPY 21st UNIFICATION ANNIVERSARY to all Omo Ajibosin worldwide.


December? Nay, It’s ‘WUcember


The Owu National Convention has come of age. Hooray!

At 21, it has come back home to roost…where it started its journey 21 years ago!

An annual pan-Owu fiesta, it is usually hosted on a rotational basis among all Owu communities in Nigeria and the Diaspora on or about the first weekend of December, or is it Owucember?

This year Owu-Abeokuta its originator will host the annual convention on the 7th and 8th of December at the Gateway School festival grounds at Ita-Iyalode.

The highlight event for Friday 7th December is the Gala Night which kicks-off at 8pm for an all-night musical frolicking session attended by a live band, after an earlier business-as-usual going to the mosque and official meeting of all Obas and the RUOP Executives.

Saturday 8th also starts early with a church thanksgiving session, and then, the big stuff – The Convention proper – which promises electrifying cultural displays and drama, among other mind-blowing features and extras like scholarship awards and free medical diagnostics for all comers!

The convention brochure for this 21st outing also promises to be a true departure from previous ones – a true memorabilia of the Owu people that will glow forever in your reference library!

Oh! For the records in advance, the National Convention of Owu People was the brain-child of the late Balogun of Owu-Abeokuta, Barrister Akin Olugbade, which was taken to greater heights and permanently entrenched by his successor, Balogun Olusegun Obasanjo, the ex-President and Commander-In-Chief of the armed forces of Nigeria.

By the way, if you were to attend the venue in the custom-made adire uniform designated for the event (costs N2,000 for 6 yards), you may just be one of the lucky winners of certain surprises that may be lined up by the organizing committees!

A concise history of the Royal Union of Owu People (RUOP) and the complete convention time-table shall soon be posted here.

Further information available through the Secretary, Local Organizing Committee (LOC), of the 21st RUOP Owu National Convention – Tel : +2348033377642.