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E kaabo S’ ile (welcome home).

I am an Owu citizen of the Yoruba tribe in Abeokuta Nigeria. A traditional chieftaincy title holder, I am the Asiwaju-Apomu of Owu Kingdom.

My mission is specifically to project the traits and historical antecedents of these intriguing and extremely proud people who are the first in Yorubaland to wear a crown, the first to be forcibly restrained by a joint military action of the rest of their tribesmen, the first to present a Yoruba military head of state, and democratically elected executive president, and as their anthem lyrics, also the first in Creation!

They are extremely migratory haven settled widespread all over the South West of Nigeria & in the neighbouring country of Benin. As at the last count, their are 16 known crowned Olowus (Owu Kings), with numerous minor or Coronet Obas and their communities in existence. They are outstandingly organized for commerce (ancient Apomu market), defense (ancient Orile-Owu double perimeter walls), conflicts, valiant in battles (Adubi, Gbalefa wars & Madam Tinubu’s defense of ancient Abeokuta), and have been illustrious and high achievers (Obasanjo, Ajibola, Amosun etc) throughout the course of their volatile history!

Do you know that the Nigerian national anthem at Independence was composed by an Owu man…and that an Owu man had also worn the crown of the Egbas as the Alake!? And also…etc etc.

At their annual Owu Day celebrations, they bare it all!

This is an open blog  site where you may leave your comments and opinions in the appropriate comment boxes. In fact I encourage you to do so.

If you have any relevant articles, historical perspectives (family or general), or news for publication. Kindly feel free to insert them in the comment boxes or email to apomuowu@gmail.com (for  full formating before publication).

We shall also publish your profile or biography, family genealogy or community chronology – for as long as they are relevant to the Owu development theme we represent.

Thank you and stay with me.


78 comments on “About This Site

  1. plse kindly lead me to Oba Ogunyemi Femi For His book on airways I need that book urgently to complete a write up

  2. Sir,I have been trying to know the effect of the war between owu and the allied forces of ijebu and ife in the 19th century.I will be glady if u can help me sir.tnk u sir

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