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E kaabo S’ ile (welcome home).

I am an Owu citizen of the Yoruba tribe in Abeokuta Nigeria. A traditional chieftaincy title holder, I am the Asiwaju-Apomu of Owu Kingdom.

My mission is specifically to project the traits and historical antecedents of these intriguing and extremely proud people who are the first in Yorubaland to wear a crown, the first to be forcibly restrained by a joint military action of the rest of their tribesmen, the first to present a Yoruba military head of state, and democratically elected executive president, and as their anthem lyrics, also the first in Creation!

They are extremely migratory haven settled widespread all over the South West of Nigeria & in the neighbouring country of Benin. As at the last count, their are 16 known crowned Olowus (Owu Kings), with numerous minor or Coronet Obas and their communities in existence. They are outstandingly organized for commerce (ancient Apomu market), defense (ancient Orile-Owu double perimeter walls), conflicts, valiant in battles (Adubi, Gbalefa wars & Madam Tinubu’s defense of ancient Abeokuta), and have been illustrious and high achievers (Obasanjo, Ajibola, Amosun etc) throughout the course of their volatile history!

Do you know that the Nigerian national anthem at Independence was composed by an Owu man…and that an Owu man had also worn the crown of the Egbas as the Alake!? And also…etc etc.

At their annual Owu Day celebrations, they bare it all!

This is an open blog  site where you may leave your comments and opinions in the appropriate comment boxes. In fact I encourage you to do so.

If you have any relevant articles, historical perspectives (family or general), or news for publication. Kindly feel free to insert them in the comment boxes or email to apomuowu@gmail.com (for  full formating before publication).

We shall also publish your profile or biography, family genealogy or community chronology – for as long as they are relevant to the Owu development theme we represent.

Thank you and stay with me.


81 comments on “About This Site

  1. Thank you for your post. Another notable Owu indigene is Mrs. Mary Iyabode (aka Mama Toyin Olopa) The First woman Police Officer in Nigeria in charge of Traffic.


  2. Sir,I have been trying to know the effect of the war between owu and the allied forces of ijebu and ife in the 19th century.I will be glady if u can help me sir.tnk u sir


    • I am not very certain that I fully understand your question, but generally, it was a trigger point of the 100 years of perpetual warfare in the entire Yorubaland, which ultimately gave birth to the re-engineering of the whole tribal nation. Mighty suoer-cities such as Lagos, Abeokuta, Ibadan, Osogbo were born out of the displacements, realignments and new trading parameters that trailed the post war period of the region! This has also reshaped its economic outlook, power and population distribution.

      Of course, it can also be extrapolated as cementing the Afonja revolution, the take over of Ilorin by Mallam Alimi’s Fulani jihardists, and the total collapse of the Oyo Empire in that it led to a significant distraction that could arguably have been avoided to allow the unification of Yoruba forces that could perhaps have resisted the breakdown of the empire and the treachery of Afonja, the then Aare Ọna Kakanfo!


  3. Fola Olowu Ogunyemi, My grand mother taught us the Oriki of Owu properly and we are very proud of the great kingdom for ever,

    Omo ajiboshin, omo Olowu Omo arematayi, omo asunku gbade, omo arasan lowu. Ogun So loye ahere owo oro labu, omo atileta bi isu, ogun ooo, omo afida to mu be ano e lori, omo ola po tititti ola o nipe kun.

    I will pause for now.

    I am proud to be an Owu man, great and wonderful people fearless warriors of both the past and present life and the life to come, akoda odudua Owu lako da bie de Owu ebere wo, Owu lako da bi e de Ife ebere wo.

    Owu a gbe wa o…..

    Fola Olowu Ogunyemi.

    I am glad I discover this web site.


  4. Thanks so much Asiwaju may your day be filled of joy in prosperity.longlife.There are many history which may excite even Asiwaju himself, mind you., Some of The late HRM Oba Saka Adeleke Ogungbe the Olowu of owu in Orile Owu. Iponle wife still alive, I think she’s almost 137yrs now .which mean she can still shed some light in owu history. because it’s was during her husband reign. Owu history was wrote in conjunction with Late writer Mr Waidi Olukutan from the Amororo rulling house.. a lot…..


  5. Thanks Asiwaju for this educative information. Please Sir, Is there any historical link between Apomu Owu and Apomu near Orile Owu in Osun State?


  6. Gooday asiwaju, hope the people of Owu kingdom are all at peace sir. I will like to know little about the ADELEKE family, I heard ADELEKE was a king from your kingdom before the splitting of their children names sir, I want to know if it is true that ADELEKE family exist in Owu sir.


    • Yetunde i believe you know what you mean by mention or try to bring something about your questions.Are you revering Adeleke on which side of Owu maybe in Owu Abeokuta or Owu Apomu. so that I can link you up with the Adeleke I know.


  7. Thanks Sir for the writeup,I have been longing to hear from you and read about you. I so much appreciate and proud to be a native of apomu. May the organisation continue to reign @ the top


  8. Sir, is it true that the whole owu is waiting the new king and moreover, is it also true that oba dosunmu is just an interim king of owu kingdom.


  9. Following the controversial I got from different website that there have been a mix up on various things in the owu Kingdom leading to the waiting of a new king over oba dosunmu which have been called from the rukale compound  the interim king of owu…please sir, I want to use your influential post to confirm all this I got as a die hard indigene of owu, abeokuta…Thank you sir.


  10. Am a vrry proud owu man. Though i barely know much until i came to dis forum. May God bless every owu kingdom worldwide.


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