The Creation of the Owu Man

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– An Epic Adventure into Realism through Ridicules and Derived Mythology!

obatala oldman

The creating Obatala

A long, long time ago. I think it was in those Golden Ages when wishes were deeds. (Well, almost)!

There were the gods. And they came down to Earth…at Ile-Ife.
But before they did, they made sure they created the land from the sea, which they had created earlier, so as not to get their feet wet. They reckoned that wet feet may cause pneumonia…and a god with a bug? How unsightly!

They then created the plants to synthesize oxygen (Gosh! Everywhere was so stuffy in those days) and to serve as food, as they were originally vegetarians. Then they made the animals when their appetites matured and plants could no longer quench the magnitude of the pinches in their bellies, so they hungered for meat with a frenzied lust!

Then they created man!

They took time to create him in their own image so as not to confuse him with the animals and accidentally have him end up in their dinner bowls when they were going to have their Sunday brunch the day after, which day they declared a work-free holiday and organized a festival! After all, they needed strongly to celebrate a job well done that took a whole massive, never-ending, time-consuming, excruciating six days to complete. For when on the seventh day, they looked down upon all their labour, they were pleased with what they saw!

Well, almost pleased they were, but not totally:

During their work of creation, they had delegated the actual creating, that is the moulding of the form of man, to a fellow Orisha-god who was to be the taskmaster. This was no other orisha than the famed Obatala…

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