The 2013 Owu Day Festival Announced

Prince Adeshina, Chairman Planning Committee.

Prince Adeshina, Chairman Planning Committee.

The annual festival of Owu Kingdom, the Odun Omo Olowu, also known as Owu Day Festival which is usually featured in the first week of October anyway has been confirmed for Saturday 5th of October as the staging date of the 2013 edition.

The chairman of the Planning Committee, Prince Adekunle Adeshina, the Omoleefon of Owu Kingdom announced to his committee members at their recent meeting at the Owu Palace on Oke Ago Owu in Abeokuta that the Olowu and paramount ruler of Owu Kingdom, Oba Adegboyega Dosunmu has approved that date for the staging of the climax and highlight of the week long festival which crescendo is to take place at its usual venue of the Gateway Secondary School at Ita Iyalode in the Owu Quarter of Abeokuta.

It should be noted that this venue like many similar educational premises in Ogun State has recently been totally revamped and given a facelift by the government of Senator Ibikunle Amosun, he himself an Owu man stemming from the Molashin compound on Totoro Rd, Abeokuta. All the roads leading to the venue have also been transformed into first class 8 – lane avenues backed up with blinding street lights as a part of the transformation of the whole city of Abeokuta amidst many other major cities of Ogun State.

As promoters of Owu cultural heritage, celebrates the milestone achievements of one of its sons, Governor Ibikunle Amosun in his milestone efforts of enhancing the image of the state, just as we also celebrate the laudable achievements of another Owu icon, ‘Baba Iyabo’ Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, the Balogun of Owu Kingdom and former President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria who entrenched the nation solidly into its path of democracy, and reigned the longest and arguably the best in the history of the Nigerian nationhood.

Owulakoda also gathered that the 2013 festival is also being planned to be the best and most sophisticated by far in the series, with special emphasis being placed on outreach to both the Diaspora and the rurals. New special features are also being planned to complement the scheduled events of the day. The festival Programme shall also be remarkably overhauled and expanded into new realms while the World Wide Web shall feature significantly as a major tool of information dissemination.

In brief, one should expect the 2013 Odun Omo Olowu/Owu Day Festival to be simply stunning. Ba atiri!

November Outings with the Olowu


Saturday 5th November, 2011: Wedding at the Country Club , Ikeja.

The church event took place at the All Saints Anglican Church, Mabayoje Street, Oshodi where the couple were solemnized. A nephew of Oba Adegboyega Dosunmu, the Olowu of Owu was the groom.*

Afterwards the troop moved to the Country Club on Mobolaji Bank Anthony way at Ikeja for a lavish reception for the couple where the Olowu delivered the keynote address and displaced the humorous side of a monarch.

Incidentally it was also on this day that Kabiyesi hinted Owulakoda about the Owu Falls in Kwara State (see article).

*Thanks for the correction, Abiodun.


.Friday 11th November, 2011: Amororo Funeral

A funeral party of a member of the Amororo ruling family. An elderly brother of the Olowu was laid to rest with reception held at an exquisite hotel off Quarry Road in Abeokuta.

In attendance was Chief Bolu Akin-Olugbade, the Aare Ona Kakanfo of Owu Kingdom and Chairman of the Owu Palace Project Execution Committee (PEC) with members of his team who had earlier held a brief meeting at the palace before proceeding to the event venue.


Saturday 19th November, 2011: Royal Wedding at Oregun.

The unorthodox Daystar Christian Centre at Oregun near Ikeja in Lagos was the venue of the solemnization of this wedding of the royal daughter.

The reception took place at the Darlington Hall in Ilupeju where the full compliment of Owu chiefs graced the occasion of the wedlock of the daughter of their monarch.

2 days earlier on Thursday 17th of November at Bishopscourt in Onikolobo, Abeokuta, the couple had tied the nuptial cord of their traditional wedding under an equally larvishly adorned social hall setting.

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The Grand October Yamfest – 2011 Odun Omo Olowu


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The cutting of the yam

Olowu cuts the New Yam

They did it again!

These Owu people have done it again!

The Kangunere mobile dynamic circus was at its best once again, and this time committed a mass ecstasy ‘genocide’ by successfully electrifying and suffocating all and sundry with their high voltage exposé.

Have you ever heard of the masochistic phrase ; ‘I wanna die, come get me’? That is exactly what everybody, both indigenes and guests, fortunate enough to be present at the Ita-Iyalode venue of the Odun-Omo-Olowu Grand Finale on October 8 seemed to be saying – nay, shouting, with their teeth grating together feverishly in a wild orgy of excitement as they were tantalized relentlessly till the bristles of their hair stood stiff and erect!

That day was a glorious Saturday. Truly tropical. It flaunted a faultless clear sky with silver clouds interposing the bright azure blue matrix of the firmament. Blazing hot it was too…and on this particularly blessed day, the rain gods chose to take a nap! So it was that the stage was set both in the celestium, and here on earth at Ita-Iyalode in Abeokuta, Nigeria where on one end was erected the royal tent on an extended platform, and at the other end, a pedestal with a double balloon-like structure which I best leave to the photographs to depict.

At both sides of the vast expanse which separated them were the clustering of canopies specifically tagged for individual communities, both rural and urban, within the Cosmo-regional structure of the ‘Owu Republic’ of Ogun State…

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PROFILE: Johnson Olu Fatoki

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As Nigeria prepares for its general election into political offices, aspirants have sprung up and begun their scramble for exposition and recognition all over the nation. Of course, the Owus are never to be left out of any race, especially when it has to do with power, governance and servitude. There is bound to find one or two of them in the fore-front of the race.

Throughout known history, Owu people had always distinguished themselves in this respect; starting from their craftily but innately intuitively wrestling the first coronation from their maternal grandfather, Oduduwa to become the first so crowned among the Yorubas, through to their influence over the old Oyo Kingdom until Sango (5th Alaafin of Oyo) came to the rescue, through to becoming an Olubadan of Ibadan (Olugbode, 1851-64), and thus ruling over the same very people who had sacked their city-fort of Orile-Owu in the Yoruba wars, through to ruling over the Ake people and thus the whole of Abeokuta as Alake (Ademola, 1869-77) and recently to presiding over the whole of Nigeria, the monumental giant of Black Africa – no just once, but twice (Obasanjo, 1976-79 and 1999-2007).

Hon.Johnson Olu Fatoki

Hon. Johnson Olu Fatoki


Yet, they haven’t rested their oars as more and more gradually but steadily climb up the political ladder, as with the likes of Ibikunle Amosun (former Senator, and two times gubernatorial aspirant for Ogun State, Iyabode Obasanjo, Senator, and gunning for a re-run. is featuring the profiles of these Owu citizens who are in the current race for office at various levels, starting with Hon. Johnson Olu Fatoki, a thorough-bred son of the Owu soil who is also the Otun-Balogun of Erunmu, the Asiwaju of Arigbajo, businessman, manufacturer, and an Ogun State legislator with a ‘no push over’ disposition – cannot be pushed over, and is seeking another mandate to continue his good works in the Ogun State House of Assembly under the umbrella of the Peoples Democratic Party of Nigeria!

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A New Dawn

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Its been one whole year since this site, went to sleep without any content update. Good gracious it wasn’t the sleep of death, but one of rejuvenation and a double blessed awakening!

We are coming back again…to spit fire like Sango.

Amazingly, the Owulakoda site is now coming up with a bigger brother, OWULAKODA.COM which is rendered in magazine format and shall concentrate more on features, interactivity/social networking and commerce relevant to the Owu people, the Yoruba tribe and African culture at large. The basic framework of Owu including its administration and other ‘business as usual’ shall continue to reside in Both sites shall be linked together as seamlessly as possible such that you may not even be instantly aware that you have migrated from one to the other, especially on a high speed broadband Internet connection!

We are here to educate, interact and entertain you about our ancient history and culture in Owu Kingdom. More authors shall contribute their knowledge and materials to make it a thrilling experience for you. We are slowly but steadily working on the upgrades.

Welcome back . Stay with us and be on the alert for unique new contents !

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