BALOGUN(s) – Past & Present


Name Clan (Agbo-Ile) Period
Balogun Olufakun Olufakun
Balogun Matiku Matiku
Balogun Memunu Memunu
Balogun Olusunmade Olusunmade
Balogun Adelekan Agbogunleri
Balogun Onikeku Aboosa
Balogun Egbeyemi Egbeyemi
Balogun Ojo-Laniran Olusunmade
Balogun Olatunbosun Laara
Balogun Jokosenumi Owuye
Balogun Adegbenro Alaaru
Balogun Akin-Olugbade Olugbade
Balogun Olusegun Obasanjo current
Balogun Sangojimi Gudugba                                         – Jilaatin 1834
Balogun Adesunmola Gbaguda Gbaguda
Balogun Odewuyi Oluyonlo Oluyonlo
Balogun Leesi Ajayi Oreigbe Ejemu
BalogunOlabode Akinfenwa Akinfenwa 1930-1965
Balogun Banjoko                                                           – Gbagura 1966
Balogun Simeon Oshunbiyi Ejemu current
Balogun Olatunbosun Olabode Onsa Oke 1920-1935
Balogun Opaleye Ile Oju-Abere 1938-1944
Balogun Alawode Fajumo 1949-1963
Balogun Alao Olurebi Onsa Isale 1970-1993
Balogun Ekundayo Opaleye Ile Oju-Abere current

20 comments on “BALOGUN(s) – Past & Present

  1. I really appreciate your efforts. i want to advice u to pls find time to visit our baba Olayide Oladunjoye Omoyele of the Alooje compound who is well over 80 now. he has a lot of information on the history of the Owu people. This could enrich your information.


  2. Ahhhh My people’ im happy to be part of dis site. ive learnt a lot about our people through dis medium. Infact, it keeps me busy wen im less busy at work “all i need to do, is just to click to any of the tribes history and im there / happy’. Tnks to the coordinator (Asiwaju Apomu of Owu kingdom). Iwaju le o maa loo ooo. Amen.


  3. pls on d past balogun of owu kingdom,balogun sanusi jokosenumi reigned between 1955-1960. pls note.greetings to all sons n daughters of owu kingdom within n around d world…………………balogun jokosenumi adetunji


  4. my family house is located at ita-erunmu (totoro road) opposite the celestial church, in fact the family compound is called ‘agbole balogun’, though i have not been there for a while. i want to clarify, is there no ‘balogun’ that comes from that particular compound?, because family stories mention the kind of name like ‘balogun oyero’, balogun gbadamasi…………getting a response will go a long way in satisfying my curiosity,(


  5. Pls i want to confirm if Owu people have quarters or homesteads or really reside in Ijebu Ode. Is it through that one of Oba Awujale of Ijebuland Or Dagburewe of Idowa begat Oba Omu of Ijebu? Is there any relationship between The Past Oba Awujale’s of Ijebuland OR Past Dagburewe’s of Idowa with Omu Ijebu people if any? It is on record that Odeowu and Onakanrende are blood brothers and a native of Ijebu Ode,pls can u help us out? I have not been to Omu Ijebu but my father told me that we are from there. My great great grandfather is the founder of Odo-Senlu,but through I can see that their is Senolu family in Ramuja Ruling House of Omu-Ijebu,pls can u kindly help me out maybe this Senolu was coined to Senlu or not bcos there was a claim that Prince Senlu migrated from Ile-Ife to Ijebu Ode,from Ijebu Ode to found Odo-Senlu formerly EHIN-ERI. Pls help me out!


    • Ok. This clarifies your earlier submission and answers my question (wonder why you broke it into two though?). I shall do the appropriate updating.


  6. I admire your efforts in covering the profiles of the
    dignitaries. Great efforts indeed.
    May God Bless You and ALL yours…Amen.


      • Dear Asiwaju Apomu.
        I am an Oke Ona Egba man who has always been interested in the history, traditions and culture of the Egba people of every extraction as a whole.
        I have noticed from the list of past and present Balogun(s) of Owu that you ommited the name of the clan of the current Balogun of Ago Owu while other Balogun(s) from Ago Owu, Apomu and Erunmu were duly ascribed to thier Clans (Agbo-Ile).
        Could this ommision have been delibrate or a typographical error given the fact that the current holder of the title is not only a prominent figure in Owu but also in Egbaland as a whole.
        However I use this opportunity to thank and appreciate you for good work you are doing.
        Odi gba, Ire O


        • Thanks for your observation, Mr Tunde Folarin. It will be unimaginable for me to ‘deliberately’ omit anything about the EBORA OWU, ANLUGBUA-2 himself in the incarnation of Chief (General) Olusegun Obasanjo, the Balogun Owu. The entire Universe could not forgive that! The list in question is however overdue for update and overhaul which I will do as soon as I get the inspiration. For the records, the Balogun of Owu is from Olusomi Compound in Owu Totoro.


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