New Look for Owulakoda Blog

Hello Friends,

No doubt you will have noticed the new look of the Owulakoda blog site which have been running for the past few days.

I have had to make the theme trimmer and simpler, getting rid of unnecessary graphics and embellishments so as to enhance the loading speed of the pages and make the site more mobile phone friendly. Obviously, there is still plenty of room for greater site efficiency, but i shall be working on it and eventually we’ll get there.

Stronger emphasis have also been shifted on making the site more interactive and communal. To this end, you are encouraged to post your comments more actively in the comment boxes, and you may start a discussion by making comments on other viewers’ comments. Just click on the reply button beside the comment you want to comment upon.

Your avatar (the photo or image attached to your comment) is your personalized Internet visibility and identity. Make full use of it by making your portrait your avatar. If you don’t know how to go about this, just type “how to create my avatar” into Google Search, and you shall be led into the secret.

A button has been added to the new navigation bar at the top of the page to quickly link you to the Owulakoda Magazine where fuller details of contents are usually available. Likewise, the magazine itself features a link button on its own navigation bar that links you back to the blog site, for a seamless interaction between the two sites.

You are also reminded to fill the ‘Email Subscription’ form on the right sidebar to enable you receive free email alerts with summaries every time a new article is published on the site so that you do not miss getting the details while they are still hot!

Happy browsing!