OLOWU(s) – Past & Present


Name of King Period of Reign Ruling House
Oba Pawu 1855-1867 Otileta
Oba Adefowope 1867-1872 Otileta
Oba Aderinmoye Adesina 1873-1890 Otileta
Oba Adepegba 1893-1905 Ayoloye
Oba Owokokade 1906-1918 Otileta
Oba Adesunmbo Dosunmu 1918-1924 Amororo
Oba Adesunmbo Adesina 1924-1936 Otileta
Oba Adelani Gbogboade March 1938-15th August, 1946 Otileta
Oba Salami Gbadela Ajibola 1949-1972 Ayoloye
Oba Adebowale Oyegbade 1975-1980 Akinjobi
Oba Michael Oyelekan 29/4/87-8/5/87 Akinoso
Oba (Dr) Olawale Adisa Odeleye 1993-2003 Lagbedu
Oba (Dr) Olusanya Adegboyega Dosunmu 14th July, 2005 (to date) Amororo



53 comments on “OLOWU(s) – Past & Present

  1. Hi my surname is Olowu. My family tell me that at some point, they gave up the title to Owu, and that is how they were no longer part of the ruling family. Could this be true?


  2. You can see from the olowu owu lineage that the last kabiyesi from the Otileta ruling family was oba Adelani Gboboade. This was from 1938-1944. After the death of the Kabiyesi, history showed that his mother decided to take the remaining children to her father’s house. Note that previously she lost her son oba Adesunmbo Adesina in 1924. Since the death of oba Adelano Gboboade in 1944, you will all more that no kabiyesi has come from the lineage of Otileta.

    Our Oriki as my late grand ma use to praise me with, to calm me down
    Omo Ajibosin, omo asunkun gbade. Omo aro, aro omuti omo enimuti loti npa omo dara nloko omo dapa ntesi. Omo ofon belori omo gbari kainkain mogI, omo osinku alaamu niyewu. Omo omuda mimu do be Ana re lori tege omo eni ba Funmi loom laalupa.


  3. i am omo alade lowu, omo ajilala oso, omo aji fi ojo gbogbo da bi egbin, omo asunkungbade, omo ajibosin. This is little out of my oriki, i want to re unit with people, pls help me out.


  4. I am an Owu decendant but born in Ilobu but base on my oriki and historical background i am an owu decendant. I wish to unite with my people at OWU, how can can i go about.


  5. My mother is from Ile- Alafin in Owu,, she is nee Alayode, which means that we are from the Ayoloye Ruling House. As a young man in Owu, Abeokuta, I knew then that the Adepegbas are our cousin.


  6. Pls my name azeez adeshina I was told that am from owu family of adeshina I was born in lagos in ajegunle I was our compand. Is oke gunya in abeokuta how can I find my family of adeshina


  7. Why is it that the last Olowu from Otile ta ruling family was Oba Adelani Gboboade1938-1944.Since then no one from that ruling family as been crowned Olowu. My late father told me that we are from Oke Gunya, before we were all taken to Agbole Labuta. I mean my Great grand father.


  8. I will like to know more about Oba Adepegba. 1983-1903. I saw somewhere that he abdicated the thrown. Is this true and why has it not got to the turn of the Adepegba family to produce the Olowu in recent times


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