How Olowu of Orile-Owu, wife died in auto crash

As a continuation of the 1 year memorial anniversary of the Olowu of Orile-Owu, Oba Moses Adejobi, Afelele II, brings you another flashback of the circumstances surrounding his death in an effort to re-capture the mood and the somberness of the tragic occasion. May his soul and that of his Olori ascend in joyful peace to the abode of his Ancestors.

Article culled from The Nigerian of Sunday 20th March, 2011.

Accident scene of Olowu of Orile-Owu

Olowu of Orile-Owu, Oba Moses Olayioye Adedosu Adejobi, Afelele II, last Teusday could not make the council of traditional rulers’ meeting holding at Ode-Omu’s palace in Ayedade, Osun State. The 75-year-old monarch and his younger wife, Funmilayo, a princess of Gbongan, died in a fatal car accident at Gbongan junction. A commercial Hiace bus driver, while driving against the traffic in an attempt to avoid a bad portion of the Ife-Ibadan Express Way, crashed into his Peugeot 406 ash-colour car.

They had already covered about thirty kilometres from Orile-Owu, approaching Gbongan junction and leaving nearly twenty kilometers to Ode-Omu, their destination, when the accident occurred. An eye witness said that the driver tried to drive across the road from the junction joining Orile-Owu and Gbongan. After watching from the left side and with the assurance that he could move across the road before an approaching articulated vehicle, the monarch’s driver negotiated the junction. But he was wrong in his judgement as he was late in seeing the Hiace bus driver, who was already overtaking the slow moving trailer. The bus crashed into the Olowu’s car with much more impact on the rear side where the monarch and his wife were sitting. The 406 somersaulted and the couple were thrown out of the car, leaving the driver who had severe injuries and the Personal Assistant who miraculously escaped unhurt…

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Oba Afelel II of Orile-Owu Remembered


It has been a year since Oba Moses Olayioye Adedosu Adejobi, Afelele II, the Olowu of Owu-Ipole, generally known as Orile-Owu transcended to honour a date with his ancestors in a rather unfortunate manner. joins its kiths and kins at Orile-Owu in the remembrance of their beloved late monarch by trying to recreate the mood of those moments through this article culled from The Sun, a Nigerian newspaper soon after the incident :

Owu people mourn beloved monarch From AKEEB ALARAPE, Osogbo Saturday, March 26, 2011 .

The road linking Apomu to Orile-Owu was desolate on this day.

Apart from few bad portions that dot the road, the road could still be considered a good one. But apparently identifying with the mood of the moment, life was non-existent on the road. The 15-minute drive from Apomu to Orile-Owu was devoid of the usual busy movement of vehicles. At least, from the Owu end, motorists seemed to have stayed off the road for the day. Occasionally, some exotic vehicles, apparently not belonging to that environment, zoomed past.

At the entry point to Orile-Owu, a social gathering could be noticed but it lacked the usual fanfare. A naming ceremony but without fun! No music, no dancing. The one lane road that passes through the sleepy town was completely deserted. A group of young boys gathered in front of a building wearing not so exciting looks. At the other side of the road, a group of housewives clustered in a hushed tone discussion. All eyes focused on the on-coming car. One can easily discern the message on their faces. “Our beloved king is dead’, they all seemed to be saying…

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