Owu Administration

The line of authority from the Olowu down to the man on the street of Owu kingdom is as follows:

The Olowu-in Council comprises eight Owu stalwarts headed by the Balogun,(Obasanjo), the Olori Igbimo (Sodeinde), the Olori Omo-Oba (Ajibola), the Olori Parakoyi (Yusuf), the Oluroko or Balogun Erunmu (Balogun Opaleye), Balogun Apomu (Oshunbiyi) and the Iyalode (Mrs. Gbemi Adesida).

Olowu Adegboyega DosunmuOlowu Adegboyega Dosunmu

Olowu Adegboyega Dosunmu

  1. The War-lords headed by Balogun
  2. The Igbimo Chiefs headed by Olori Igbimo
  3. The Parakoyi Chiefs headed by Olori Parakoyi
  4. The Alakosos or Township leaders headed by Oluroko or Balogun Erunmu and BalogunApomu.
  5. The women of Owu headed by the Iyalode.
  6. The Congregation of Owu people – every Owu man or woman is involved and has role to play as they choose to.

There also exists The Council of Own Obas headed by the Olori Igbimo, to oversee the towns and villages of Owu wherever the traditional influence of Olowu exists.
Further notes on the New Owu Administration setup under Oba Adegboyega Dosunmu, the current Olowu of Owu Kingdom:

Ensign of the OlowuEnsign of the Olowu

Ensign of the Olowu

The Ogboni culture is alien to Owu culture! Though, the Owus had associated themselves with this Ogboni culture for over a century, they DO NOT HAVE AN OGBONI HOUSE, and do not operate according to its tenets. They do not have an Oluwo, and hold no Ogboni parliament. Owu has its own culture of “open covenant, openly arrived at”. That is why people refer to them as, “Owu a gbooro gbimo”. What has now been established is “IGBIMO” and not OGBONI.

The Igbimo group of chiefs, as Senior Counsels/advisers to Olowu is headed by OLORI IGBIMO.

The Akogun (Valiant War Leader) title that used to head the then Ogboni group of Chiefs is transferred to its rightful natural position (by Owu tradition) to the OLOGUN GROUP of chiefs as 2nd in rank to the Balogun Owu. The Iwarefa Ologun now consists of Akogun, Otun, Osi, Seriki, Aare Ago and Jagunna, with the Balogun as head.

The PARAKOYI group of Chiefs has been split into 3 sections for ease of operation thus: Aje (industry), Oja (Trade) and Ajose (Cooperative) and is headed by OLORI PARAKOYI. The six senior Chiefs in this category are Babalaje, Iyalaje, Babaloja, Iyaloja, Ba’ajose and Yeye Ajose..


The OMOOBA group of chiefs is headed by OLORI OMOOBA

andcomprises the following: Omoluberin (Amororo), Omolaefon (Otilera), Omogbadero (Ayoloye), Omosaaju (Akinoso) and Omogbadega (Lagbedu).

The IGBIMO group of chiefs is headed by OLORI IGBIMO and comprises of Orunto, Obamaja, Oyega, Osupori, Olosi and Molashin.

There are other equal stakeholders in the Owu Crown including OLUROKO of Erunmu and BALOGUN of Apomu who also have their groups of senior chiefs under them.

The IYALODE group represents motherhood, and the entire women folk in Owu Kingdom. She also has her full complements of senior female chiefs as follows: Otun, Osi Seriki, Oganla, Bada and Yeyemeto.

The heads or high chiefs heading the above 7 groups constitute the Cabinet of the Olowu who is the paramount Ruler of Owu Kingdom.



BALOGUN & PRIME MINISTER of Owu Kingdom, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo. OLORI IGBIMO & head of Igbimo Chiefs, Chief Olufemi Sodeinde. OLORI OMOOBA & head of Omooba Chiefs, Prince Bola Ajibola. OLORI PARAKOYI & head of Parakoyi Chiefs, Chief M.A. Ola Yusuf. OLUROKO & head of Erunmu Chiefs, represented by Chief E.B. Opaleye. BAOGUN APOMU & head of Apomu chiefs, ChIef A. Oshunbiyi. IYALODE OWU & head of Owu Women Chief (Mrs)L.A.G. Adesida.

The above with the Olowu as Chairman constitute what is now known as “OLOWU- IN-COUNCIL” and are listed above in order of protocol.

NOTE : The Governor of Ogun State Otunba Gbenga Daniel, as a bonafide Owu man, and the Aare Ajibosin. He is a privileged member of the Cabinet of the Olowu.

16 comments on “Owu Administration

  1. Big thanks for hosting this site sir. My grand dad is Balogun Jokosenumi of the populous Owuye compound, Sokori. Really, i have learnt awesome lot about my own people through this site. Sir, you have done a tremendous job. God bless sir.


  2. Eleyowo is descendant of the first Apena of egbaland and is from Apena compound owu amugangan totoro owu abeokuta. Sir, you have done a good job.


  3. My dad, Late Chief S.I Lasile, was once the Orunto of Owu, and was one of the Afobajes. Looking at the list of chiefs, I could not find the Orunto title. I wonder what happened to that title and who was the last person accorded the title, please?

    I am keen on meeting anyone who can give me information about what has occurred to the Lasile’s chieftancy title since he passed away.



  4. i will sir. As soon as i have the details i shall host it here. Infact, my hobby is reading n writing, so you are welcome sir.


  5. Thanks for hosting this site. i am from Agbole Oluwo in owu quarters where we have NTA channel 12. Ogbe. i have learnt a lot about my people through this site. i really appreciate the chief host. Thank you


    • I am encouraged by your appreciation. Thank you.

      Can you research and write a short brief on Agbole Oluwo for this site from whatever perspective you may choose? I want us to take interactivity to the next level here with composite authors and views!


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