Owu l’a ko da o

Bi e d’owu

E beere wo

Owu l’ako da o

Bi e de’fe

E bere wo o

Owu l’a ko da o

Bi e de’le

E kaa ‘tan wo

Owu l’a ko da o

Bi e de’le

E ka ‘tan wo o





1.         Limestone Extraction/ Cement Production

2.         Granite Extraction & Quarrying

3.         Laterite Extraction

4.         Agricultural Industries (Cassava, Corn, Maize, Rice)

5.         Hospitality & Tourism Development

6.         Textile Industry

7.         Cotton Production & Ginnery

8.         Small Scale Manufacturing & Cottage Industries

9.         Independent Power Generation

10.        Wood Processing

11.        Ceramics

12.        Phosphate

13.        Feldspar

14.        Kaolin

15.        Fish Farming

68 comments on “OWU PEOPLE

  1. Wonderful page and initiative.
    May God bless and guide you.
    May He shower His rain of Mercy on you and increase your knowledge in Christ name.


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