Owulakoda’s New Look


Beer Power - 'Ar'oti We Bi Ojo'

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Have a beer with me, ‘Owu omo a r’oti we bi ojo’  (the valiant Owu son who soaks-in the liquor as if it’s rainfall)!

I have just finished changing the overall presentation theme of the owulakoda blog (owulakoda.wordpress.com) to the one you are now viewing, as a part of an ongoing upgrading and propagation of the site.  I also had to borrow one of the headmasts originally designed for her new companion site, Owulakoda.com to achieve the right look and give her a new ‘coronation’. (His Royal Highness ‘who shakes the horns of the buffalo’ also peeks from behind a screen in the banner). You may also have noticed that the general background now wears the green-white-green cloak of the Nigerian flag to reflect the national geography of the Owu people!

Please leave a comment of approval or suggestion on the new theme, especially if you are a returnee visitor and are familiar with the old layout which had been running for the past one year.

Thanks. I need your opinions to enhance the site appropriately and boost its entertainment value…(and am extremely thirsty)!!!

Barka de Sallah!

Bring out the ‘nama’ (goat meat). Let’s hit the bottle, folks!

A New Dawn

click Owulakoda.wordpress.com homepage for the Homepage…and owulakoda.com for Owulakoda.com
owulakoda banner

Alternate banner of the new Owulakoda.com

Its been one whole year since this site, owulakoda.wordpress.com went to sleep without any content update. Good gracious it wasn’t the sleep of death, but one of rejuvenation and a double blessed awakening!

We are coming back again…to spit fire like Sango.

Amazingly, the Owulakoda site is now coming up with a bigger brother, OWULAKODA.COM which is rendered in magazine format and shall concentrate more on features, interactivity/social networking and commerce relevant to the Owu people, the Yoruba tribe and African culture at large. The basic framework of Owu including its administration and other ‘business as usual’ shall continue to reside in owulakoda.wordpress.com. Both sites shall be linked together as seamlessly as possible such that you may not even be instantly aware that you have migrated from one to the other, especially on a high speed broadband Internet connection!

We are here to educate, interact and entertain you about our ancient history and culture in Owu Kingdom. More authors shall contribute their knowledge and materials to make it a thrilling experience for you. We are slowly but steadily working on the upgrades.

Welcome back . Stay with us and be on the alert for unique new contents !

Take-Off Head Mast of Owulakoda.com