Owu Kingdom Receives Official Website

The logo on the headmast of the new site.

The year 2019 is on record as witnessing the conception, planning and execution of the first official website of the Owu Kingdom to find its way unto the internet, the Owukingdom.org

The site that you’re currently browsing on, the Owulakoda Blog, and its dominant sister site, the Owulakoda Magazine hosted on Owulakoda.com, which is currently down for reconstruction and upgrading are, and have always been since their 2007 inception, the personal initiative and organ of their webmaster, Ashiwaju+

The new official site showcases the generic history of Owu, its origin, migrations, and experiences along the course of history.

Vibrant photographs from the Odun-Omo-Olowu festival, and other activities, and Owu personalities also richly adorn the site.

Although it is basically non-interactive as are blog sites, it is a must visit to gain vital introduction details of the Owu culture and history.

Click here to view the official site of Owu Kingdom. https://owukingdom.org/