Apomu Pioneered Abeokuta!

The Owu people have been displaced from their homelands quite a number of times in the course of their history, starting from their original homestead in the Savannah region below the River Niger discovered by their progenitor, Ajibosun a.k.a. Asunkungbade, first grandson of Oduduwa, up to their last known major habitat at Owu-Ipole now known as Orile-Owu, where their most recent displacement triggered by the Owu Wars took place. The new city of Abeokuta later became the major recipient of the troupes of Owu refugees searching for new homes after the Pan-Yoruba invasion forces that sacked their city of Owu-Ipole swore that it would never be rebuilt again.

By 1824, the ancient market town of Apomu was already invaded and destroyed by this alliance of troops principally from Ijebu, Oyo and Ife. Sangojimi Gudugba, one of the valiant warrior/hunters of Orile Apomu had escaped to Ibadan with a large contingent of Apomu citizens while the capital city of the Owu people was being besieged by the invaders, a siege which lasted over 6 years.

At Ibadan, Sangojimi had met with the acquaintance of the town’s Baale and won his favor well enough to be given a beautiful bride and an appointment as one of the Baale’s military counselors.
A further meeting with fellow warrior/hunter,Sodeke, who was then the deputy leader of the Egba refugees in the town…

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8 comments on “Apomu Pioneered Abeokuta!

  1. Thanks very much sir,can you shield more light on where egba people are coming from, what happened to them after the death of Lisabi nd who was their last king before the war? What happened to him?who was head of oyo empire by then(alafin of oyo).

  2. sir, if orile apomu escape to ibadan, who are the ibadan at that season? ur story is a photocopy of egbas warriors and their people which their almost 300 villages was sacked because they asisted owus during the war that ife, ijebus and oyos wage to owus, also, do not forget that owu was scattered all over yoruba land except the orile owu that was beseiged. ur story is not true!

    • You are very right. It cannot be true for you if you choose to hide from the truth!

      Wish you a stress-free day Akinbode.

      • if u pointed one finger to ur neighbour, where does remains nine will pointed to? u are looking at history with perception but am viewed it with perspective! if i begins to asks u questions, u will not be able to fixed the correct answers to it!! Egbas were never mediocre!!! as a xtian, i don’t need argument bcos Bible clarified it in 2nd Timothy 4:8. Which examples are u? to build love or to establish hatred? does is it sound well for a minority of 10percent to be claiming ownership in the presence of the majority of 85percent? do u know d causes of Jos crisis? Perspectively, u don’t thinks about it’s outcoming before ur perception on internet T.V instead of using state broadcasts media! i love u with love of God and u will be one of my best friend bcos u don’t have logical conclusion like one of my lecturer! success is ur NAME.

        • I am perplexed about this because the battle zone is far away from where you have chosen to wage your warfare.  This here is owulakoda.com where Owu and Yoruba issues are discussed by lettered folks and those who appreciate knowledge. Even if they may differ in opinions, they tend to do it with decorum. Think about it. You have offered nothing so far in the way of knowledge but venom. You are very free to post your version of history the way you understand it instead of embracing hypertension. I ernestly pray that you are able to overcome your excessive consuming anger! THAT WlLL HOWEVER NOT REWRlTE THE TRu

          • am alwayz laugh at u; you forget that whoever is computing false documents is very close to hypertension. Are you a xtian, moslem or otherside? The innocence of your ignorance makes u to forget that u’re a half egba-man that can not give details evidence to the history. What is your mission about false story to owned the soils of abeokuta? Where is the beginning of abeokuta and it’s end? Why does your people were maginalized with egbas? A reminant and scattered tribe that wants to disrupt peace and harmony of ogun central where amiable king of Alake reigns and control. Long live to all Egbas in all the local government that constituted of Ogun central and Egba Nation.

            • Honestly am at a loss about your case and the first instinct that avail me is silence and to ignore your non productive persistent aggression.

              On this occasion however i opt again to further educate you on self esteem and public decorum.

              Kindly be reminded that your ranting and raving is on the world wide web and thereby you are leaving impressions of yourself to the whole of humanity. Here is not one of those street side and beer parlour brawling dens which i have no doubt you are familiar with. The Internet is really conceived for those who thirst for information and will object with decorum if they nurse contrary opinions.

              Remember this: The Light strives for upbuilding, the Dark to the contrary is an agent of destruction to everything that comes within its reach!  Do strive not to be seen on the dark side of progress, my irate egba brother.

              This is my last dialogue with you because those dressed in white for reasons obvious must retreat when mud slingers take to the street.

              I only went to this extremity in the hope that it may help you to comport yourself!

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