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On the 3rd Owu Day Festival,

held on Sat. 24th August 2002 at Olowu Coronation Ground.


Bashorun Adewolu

…We give thanks and adoration to Almighty God for his Grace and Mercies on us and our presence here once again. It has been destined that the third Owu Day Festival will hold today, to celebrate and witness this impressive outing.

I am particularly grateful to God Almighty Father to present this 3rd Edition of Owu Day Festival. The 1st and 2nd Owu Day Festivals were successful and rewarding. This 3rd Festival has surpassed the previous ones, in many ways. We are grateful to God for his blessing and protection. We have remained focused by the Grace of God. We thank Kabiyesi Oba (Dr.) Olawale Adisa Odeleye Lagbedu 1 Olowu of Owu and the entire Owu Traditional Chiefs council for the confidence reposed on the Chairman and all members of the Planning Committee.


  1. It is a festival of joy and happiness, of re-union, brotherhood and fellowship
  2. It is a festival of stock-taking and re-dedication for fresh Initiative and determination to develop Owu domain and its people.
    1. It is a festival where the flame of Owu greatness will be nurtured to bum brighter and stronger.
  3. It is a festival to mobilize our people to greater heights of community goals and


Your Excellencies, since we started the celebration ofOwu Day in Abeokuta in year 2000. The torch has been passed to other Owu settlements e.g. Orile-:::Owu, Owu-Kuta, Owu-‘Ishin in K wara State have celebrated Owu Day in their respective Kingdoms.


In year 200 Olufakun was recognised and his achievement and contributions to Owu were –

In year 2001, Matiku was recognised and his achievement and contributions to Owu were

highlighted.                                    .

This year we have decided to highlight Iyalode Tinubu’s contributions in Egba History. It is pertinent to State that Iyalode Tinubu was married to Matiku (Balogun Owu). The role played by the duo during the Idahomey war were documented. Her role in commerce, and how she came to settle permanently in Abeokuta will be shown in the drama by Omilami theatre group which will come up soon.

Your Excellencies, Kabiyesi, the Chairman of today please allow me to thank all our friends and well-wishers that have contributed to make Owu Day festival a reality.

Some of our friends and well-wishers have made personal donations, but this year we are expecting everyone of us to please make generous donation for the realisation of our target this year.

I must Thank every compound that has coptributed the minimum of N1,000.00 for the planning of this festival. The names of all donors at this event will be printed and displayed in the palace.

To our well-wishers and Donors we thank you very immensely and pray God to always replenish your purses. The fountain of your wealth and good health will never dry.


Since we settled in Abeokuta in 1834, the Owu people were classified as 3 townships VIZ. Owu, Erunmu and Apomu. We have decided to revisit. This year’s Owu day is unique, it has news to put smiles in the faces of all Sons and Daughters of Owu. The basis of lasting foundation for perpetual long term development would be laid. We thank God for making us part of this development. As usual, we look up to everybody here present to be fully committed and supportive in our giant strides.

The Initiator, the man who saw the vision, Oba Olowu (Dr.) Olawale Adisa Odeleye Lagbedu 1 J will shed more light on this as the programme progresses.

Your Excellencies, Royal Majesties, Distinguished Guests, ladies and Gentlemen. I urge you to feel relaxed and enjoy yourselves in an atmosphere oflove and memorable Interactions which the Owu Day provides. Above all, when it is time to speak development, please be a conscious part. Donate generously to support Owu Kingdom for development. Rich blessings from the most high shall be yours and may he recompense you abundantly.

Bashorun Adedoja Adewolu Chairman

Owu Day Planning Committee.