Ajibola Family – An Owu Abeokuta Royal Lineage

I have been inundated with numerous requests for the family history of the Ajibolas, a ruling family in the Owu Abeokuta quarters for quite a while that I have now decided to put the matter to rest by addressing it once and for all, thanks to the discovery of an ongoing project on the very same matter.

In a nutshell, here goes:

The Ajibola family is directly descended from Oba Akijala of Orile-Owu (Owu-Ipole) who was the second to the last Olowu of the community before the 1825 war which destroyed the city-state.

However, the family is also indirectly related to Oba Akinjobi, the very last Olowu of Owu-Ipole through some fraternal ancestry.

Latinlu, a son of Oba Akijala and the direct linear ancestor of the Ajibolas was a half brother of Olugbade, both being sons of the Oba but of different mothers.

Ogboja, a princess of Oyo and mother of Olugbade was later betrothed to Oba Akinjobi who succeeded Oba Akijala upon the latter’sA ascension to his ancestors, to whom she bore Ewuola, Olugbade’s half brother who may thus also be regarded as the quasi-half brother of Latinlu. This system of intra-marriages was very predominant among the early Owu people such that there was hardly a family which did not have blood ties with virtually all other Owu families, with the high risk of incest occurring.

Latinlu gave birth to Ileyilaagba (the man who established the Ileyilaagba compound now called Alebiosu compound in Abeokuta), who was to marry…

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