Rural Councils of Chiefs


Chief Julius Durojaiye Osanyinjobi                 > Baale of Apomuland

Chief Faniyi Fatusi                                          > Balogun-Baale Apomuland

Chief Oladimeji Gbadamosi                           > Otun-Baale Apomuland

Chief S.O. Oyebade                                       > Osi-Baale Apomuland

Chief Olusanjo Akinremi                                 > Ekerin-Baale Apomuland

Chief Tajudeen Adejoju                                  > Asiwaju-Baale Apomuland

Chief Femi Adeosun                                       > Seriki-Baale Apomuland

Chief Lamina Towobola                                  > Aare-Baale Apomuland

Abalabi Township

Oba Edward Fashina                                      – Alabalabi of Abalabi

Chief Jonathan Olutunji Osunrinade              – Asiwaju Abalabi

Chief Jimoh Motolabi Ajayi                             – Jagunna Abalabi

Chief (Mrs) Victoria Oguntoyinbo                   – Aare Abalabi


Oba Oluwagbemileke Alade Babajide            – Alaigbajo of Arigbajo

Chief Zaccheus Olubamiji Ojekunle               – Balogun Arigbajo

Chief Isaac Alamu Adeniji                              – Jagunna Arigbajo

Alhaji Mirail Oludiran Olunrebi                        – Bashorun Arigbajo


Chief Reuben Olufemi Obidahunsi                – Baale Ejio

Chief Moses Akanbi Akintan                          – Obalumore Owu

Chief Daniel Sunday Adekunle                      – Otun Baale Ejio

Chief Adelaja Omofade                                  – Omogbadero Owu


Chief Christopher Kuti Afuape                        – Baale Abese

Chief (Mrs) Ruka Akindele                             – Iyalaje Abese

Chief David Akinlabi                                       – Baba Baale Abese

Chief Moshood Shogaolu                               – Balogun Abese

Chief Omiyale Oyangbero                             – Apagun pote Abese

Chief Musiliu Omolabi                                                – Ekerin Abese

Chief Kunle Adenekan                                    – Olori Odo Abese

Chief Raimi Olamitan                                     – Otun Abese

Chief Ayinde Okewunmi                                – Osi ilu Abese

Chief (Mrs) Olutoun Falola                             – Iya Ewe Abese

Chief (Mrs) Ashabi Olagunju                          – Iyalode Abese

Chief (Mrs) Ashabi Adenekan                                    – Iyalaje Abese

Chief Ayinde Reuben Akinbola                      – Akogun Abese

Chief Olusumbo Oludele                                – Akinrogun Abese

Chief Sunday Adelanwa                                 – Jagunna Abese

Chief Alao Oludele                                          – Apogunpote Abese

Chief Taiye Ojoye                                           – Atunluse Abese


Oba Isaac Adeyemi Ojelade                          – Onibogun of Ibogunland

Chief J.O. Adeaga                                          – Baba Oba & Olori-Igbimo Ibogunland

Chief R.O. Adetoyinbo JP.                             – Balogun Ibogunland

Chief/Alhaji Usman Opeyemi                         – Otun Oba Ibogunland

Chief T. Osungboye                                       – Osi Oba Ibogunland

Chief R. Ajayi                                                  – Olori Parakoyi Ibogunland

Chief/Apostle J.A. Olanloye                           – Jagunna Ibogunland

Chief/Alhaji A.I. Oderinlo                                – Seriki Ibogunland

Chief B.A. Ogunbona                                     – Ekerin Ibogunland

Chief D.A. Agboola                                         – Bashorun Ibogunland

Chief K. Oyebanjo                                          – Asipa Ibogunland

Chief A. Akinfenwa                                         – Aare Ibogunland

Chief (Mrs) Toyin Osoba                                – Iyalode Ibogunland

Chief Ayinla Fagbemi                                     – Oluwo Ibogunland

Chief S. Akinremi                                           – Apena Ibogunland

Chief A.O. Idowu                                            – Akeweje Ibogunland

Chief/Alhaji M.A. Owolabi                               – Apesin Ibogunland

Chief/Hon. H.O. Fasina                                  – Akinrogun Ibogunland

19 comments on “Rural Councils of Chiefs

  1. Wow!!! What an historic platform well appreciated. Though my root is from Ilawe-Ekiti in Ekiti State but I now count myself as a bonafide member/Citizen of Leba Town in Orile-Ifo, Ogun State. I have been contributing my own part immensely to the development of Leba Town headed by our amiable Baale, Chief Kehinde Laiwola Shoroungbe and under the rulership of HRM Oba Semiu Adewale Ogunjobi, The Olorile of Orile-Ifo.

    May Almighty God continue to enrich you more with wisdom in promoting the culture/tradition of your people. God will continue to bless you and your household. Ogun State ko ni baje o.

    Will contact you shortly Sir for more details


  2. Nice to see,do you have the story of the owu klngdom,if you do please kindly upload it online for people like me to read, Good job.


  3. I really appreciate your work here sir. I am from olaonipekun family of apomu. My fathers name is Phillip akinwunmi idowu and my mum is from abese,am also my dads mum is frm ejio sholola soo much happy I stumble on dis site sir keep d good work going


  4. This is really lovely I am glad i stumbled on this site. I am from the Sholola / Ogunrombi family of Ejio with roots in Oke Orunmo in Abeokuta. I pray that the rich history of Ejio and Abese will not be fogotten.
    God bless and empower you the more.


    • Thanks Mrs Funmi Ojo. I will appreciate it if you can send me details of the history of Ejio and Abese for publication, or contact details of who to see for it. Send details to

      Alternatively, you can contribute by way of discussion whatever you know or have heard of the history at the OWU PEOPLES FORUM on Just start a new discussion on the topic, and hopefully others who know something about the subject will respond by way of comments leading to an informative compilation that tells the whole story. That’s what the forum is designed to do.

      Another forum dealing beyond Owu with the whole of Yoruba history, THE YORUBA FORUM (TYF) has also been created at which you may also want to register with. Direct link:


  5. I really appreciate those who deem it fit to do something like this. Going through the list of council of chiefs of Ejio know all of them and i pray that God will strengthen them in bringing the desired development to Ejio the place of my youth.


  6. Dear Sir,

    I notice that you are the Baale of Ejio. Surprisingly enough, my Grandparents are from Ejio. They are from Orunmo family (forgive me if I have written it wrongly) We are related to the previous Baale of Ejio – (Baale Baba Sholola). My Great Grand Father is OKE and my grandmother’s name is TANIMONUE.

    My grand mother(TANIMONUE -ORUNMO) married Oyamakinde Akinsanya from Ile Lawajo compound – Ijaduade).
    It is unfortunate that our family house in Ejio collapsed due to the fact that non of our brethren bother to visit Ejio village.

    I am using this opportunity to ask if you can assist by informing us what family the ORUNMO’S belongst and also how can you assist us in locating our old family house in Ejio.


    • Am sorry Michael Makinde if somewhere along the line i have written or suggested anything to incubate the suggestion that i am the Baale of Ejio. NO I AM NOT! I am the Asiwaju Apomu of Owu Kingdom and don’t even have any roots in Ejio which incidentally is a neighbouring settlement to my village.

      As regards your question of tracing your family roots of ORUNMO, let this be a clarion call out to all Ejios, and most especially its Baale to assist a displaced indigene trying to re-align himself back with his roots…which is a very welcomed development which other traditional refugees (and believe me there are many others out there like you) should imbibe. PLEASE READERS, ASSIST MICHAEL TO TRACE HIS ROOTS and maybe he may even take up the task of generating interests in reconstructing his collapsed ancestoral building!


      • If Michael has not been responded to, I may be able to link him with the Old Shololas who will know more about the family history as all the names he mentioned are quite farmiliar to me.


        • Thank you Olufunmilayo. That is the interactive spirit this site aims to promote. More blessings to you. Please go to Michael’s comment and click the reply botton at the end of it to give him a public reply to his request. Alternatively you may go to the OWU PEOPLES FORUM at where you can start a new discussion topic about the Shololas and marvel as it grows when Shololas from all corners of the universe and those who know about them emerge to contribute their own comments and grow your history with details previously unknown to you. That is the power of the forum platform which we have just introduced to the Owulakoda sites. If however there are any private details you may have for Michael. Send such to me at and i shall promptly forward such to him.

          Thank you for your interest in and please spread the gospel. We want all Owu people to know we exist and join us in what we do to forge one huge universal Owu family!


  7. Dear Sir, You have forgotten to add my family’s village into your chieftainship I am from the compound of Ile Laajo (now Ijaduade) Our village is in Elesin Godogbo in Oyo State our family house is in Oke Ago Owu

    Please can you bring the rest of them from Elesin Godogbo



  8. its a good thing to know someone is doing something like this …i just stumbled upon it inline…kudos..
    owu l’akoda t’;eba defe e bere wo..


    • Thanks Obidahunsi. I love the appreciation. You too can participate positively by sharing whatever you know on the subject. Just fill up the comment boxes. Matters not how short or lengthy. Bi e’wa laiye ebere wo, bi e tun d’orun e bere wo. Owu la koda o…


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