Chiefs of Owu Kingdom (List)

Ologun Chiefs:

Name: Title:
Chief Olusegun Obasanjo Balogun Owu Kingdom
Chief Olusoji Idowu Otun
Chief Doja Adewolu Osi
Chief Fatai Niyi Adegbenro Seriki
Chief G. O. Fabunmi Areago
Chief K. Ola Okedara Jagunna
Chief Akin Obimakinde Asipa
Chief Niyi Salako Bashorun
Chief Akin Akande Oganla
Chief Wale Olaniran Okanlomo
Chief Suraj Fabunmi Otun Oganla
Chief Oluwole Idowu Otun Bada
Chief Alh. Tajudeen Egbeyemi Abese
Chief Kehinde Olayinka Omolabi Aare Mayegun
Chief Oladeinde Brown Akinrogun
Chief Tony Ojesina Asiwaju
Chief Dele Bankole Aare Okanlomo
Chief Isiaka Okedara Lupona
Prof. Chief Alani Fabunmi Olumofin
Chief Olusegun Olusunmade Ogboye
Chief Shehu Oladunjoye Jagunmolu
Chief Yisa Adebola Adeyemi Jagun Olowu
Chief Femi Olopade Agbaakin
Chief Bolu Akin-Olugbade Aare Onakakanfo
Chief Tunji Alapini Maiyegun
Chief Lekan Akande Laderin

Omo’ba Chiefs:

Name: Title:
Prince Bola Ajibola Olori Omoba
Prince Akinpelu Browne Omotobase
Princess Moninuade Quadri Erelu Gbogboade
Prince Akinbode Browne Omojuiyun
Princess Aina Browne Yeye Omojuiyun
Princess Aduke Ogunkoya Erelu Adebowale
Prince Adekunle Adesina Omolaefon
Prince Moradelo Adeyemi Gbogboade Omoninu
Prince Dr. Banji Oyegbami Omotadese

Parakoyi Chiefs

Chief M. A. Ola Yusuf Olori Parakoyi Owu
Chief Adisa Ola Omolokun Osi Parakoyi
Chief N. A. Olaleye Babalaje
Chief Toyin Jokosenumi Osi Babalaje
Chief Dele Osunmakinde Babaloja
Chief Or. M. A. Adekanbi Baajose
Chief Mrs. Monsurat Bankole Iyaloja
Chief Gen. R. A. Adesina rtd Otun Babalaje
Chief Kayode Aderinokun Lukotun Aje
Chief Tayo Aderinokun (Late) Lukosi Aje
Chief Adewuyi Kusimo Baaloro
Chief Mrs. Moji Kusimo Yeye Baaloro
Chief Festus Egbeleye Otun Baaloro
Chief Mrs. Aina Egbleye Otun Yeye Baaloro
Chief Mrs. Funlayo Gbogboade Yeye Ajose
Chief Mrs Peju Okunade Asiwaju Yeyeloro
Chief Mrs. Serifat Taiwo Otun Iyaloja
Chief Mrs. Titilayo Oduoye Gbegbaaje
Chief Mrs. Remi Adikwu Bakare Lika Aje
Chief Zacheaus O. Ogundimu Opaaje
Chief Mrs. Ogundimu Yeye Opaaje
Chief Mrs. Ayoka Adebayo Moraje

Erunmu Chiefs:

Chief Ekundayo Opaleye Balogun Erunmu Owu
Chief Samuel Olabode Olori Igbimo Erunmu Owu
Chief Olugbolahan Ijaola Oluroko Erunmu Owu
Chief Alani Opaleye Olori Parakoyi Erunmu Owu
Chief Mrs. Obitoto Odeyemi Iyalode Erunmu Owu
Chief Johnson Olu Fatoki Otun Balogun Erunmu Owu
Chief Emmanuel A. Oshomoji Seriki Erunmu Owu
Chief Olusesan Odebiyi Jagunna Erunmu Owu
Chief Oluyemi Adebiyi Asipa Erunmu Owu
Chief S. O. Ogunbowale Aro
Chief Sina Olunrebi Onsa
Chief Alao Odebiyi Odofin
Chief Mrs. Kikelomo Opaleye Aare Oye
Chief Mrs. Olusola Opaleye Mayegun Erunmu Owu
Chief Mrs. Ra. A. Opaleye Yeye Taiyese Erunmu Owu
Chief Lai Olumegbon Baaloro Erunmu Owu
Chief Kunle Adebiyi Otun Baaloro Erunmu Owu
Chief Mrs. Remilekun Olumegbon Yeye Baaloro Erunmu Owu
Chief Tony Ojeshina Osi Balogun Erunmu Owu
Chief (Mrs) Bunmi Ojeshina Yeye Osi Balogun Erunmu Owu
Chief ‘Dele Bankole Jagun-Aje Erunmu Owu
Chief (Mrs) Aramide Bankole Yeye Jagun Aje Erunmu Owu

Apomu Chiefs:

Chief S. O. Osunbiyi Balogun Apomu Owu
Chief Ezekiel Oluremi Adepoju Keyede Otun Apomu Owu
Chief Folorunso Babs-Fakeye Osi Apomu Owu
Chief Victor Olusegun Adebodun Olori Parakoyi Apomu Owu
Chief Olufemi Folorunso Osanyinjobi Asiwaju / Olori-Igbimo Apomu Owu
Chief Abidemi Oshunbiyi Areago Apomu Owu
Chief Mrs. Grace Titilade Wilkey Otun Iyalode Apomu Owu
Chief Mrs. Remi Opere. Osi Iyalode Apomu Owu
Chief Mrs. Adebisi Ashake OshunbiyiChief Yeye Balogun Apomu Owu
Chief Israel Olubodun Osanyinjobi Asipa Apomu Owu

Special Category Chiefs:

Chief (President) Ebele Goodluck Jonathan Obateru of Owu Kingdom
Chief Mrs. Dame P. Goodluck Jonathan Yeye Obateru
Chief Gbenga Daniel Aare Ajibosin
Chief Mrs. Olufunke Daniel Yeye Aare Ajibosin
Chief Adebayo Alao Akala Bobajiro
Chief Mrs. Adebayo Alao Akala Yeye Bobajiro
Chief Peter Odili Ebunlu
Chief Mrs. Peter Odili Yeye Ebunlu
Chief Chike Akunyili Baarebi
Chief Mrs. Dora Akunyili Yeye L’eagbo
Chief Adamu Abdulai Teruuru
Chief Hajia Adamu Abdulai Yeye Teruru
Chief Ahmed Makarfi Obatunwase
Chief Hajia Ahmed Makarfi Yeye Obatunwase
Chief Bode Alalade Agbaakin Oniroyin
Chief Segun Olusola Balogun Mohunmaworan
Chief Mrs. Elsie Olusola (Post Humous) AweIewa Itage
Chief Mamud Shinkafi Aare Rotoba
Chief Mrs Aisha Babangidi Shnkafi Yeye Aare Rotoba
Chief (Dr) Chilaka Okwuonu Aare Bobaseye
Chief Mrs Ada Okwuonu Yeye Aare Babaseye
Chief Engr. Dennis Zuokumor Aare Majewolu
Chief (Dr) Emmanuel Adeoye Murewa
Chief Mrs Adeoye Yeye Murewa
Prof. Chief Kolawole Obisesan Obagbede
Chief (Dr) Mrs Moradeke Obisesan Yeye Obagbede

Igbimo Chiefs:

Chief Olufemi Sodeinde Olori Igbimo Owu
Chief Ebenezer Odeyemi Obamaja
Chief Benjamin Oyediran Oyega
Chief Mubasiru Abati Osupori
Chief Olusegun Adeife Asalu
Chief Saidi Salako Ajiroba
Chief Moruf Egbeyemi Otun Ajiroba
Chief Bola Yusuf Amona
Chief Mrs. Oluseyi Olusanya Yeyemeto
Chief Adul Rahaman Busari Baajiki
Chief Mrs. Olufunmilayo Akintan Yeyemeso
Chief Ayo Ogunkoya Gbobaniyi
Chief Mrs. Sitinat Adedo Iya Ewe
Chief Dr. Olujimi Motayo Baasegun
Chief Remi Oluwude Bobagunwa
Chief Mrs. Olowude Yeye Bobagunwa
Chief Mrs. Adunni Bankole Yeyemokun
Chief Adisa Adewolu Gbofinro
Chief Mrs. Adewolu Yeye Gbofinro
Chief Iyabo Akinwale Erelu Abiye
Chief Bose Ogunmuyiwa Erelu Bobakeye

Iyalode Chiefs:

Chief Mrs. Gbemisola Adesida Iyalode Owu
Chief Mrs. B. A. Akinwande Otun Iyalode
Chief Mrs. Mubo A. Obimakinde Osi Iyalode
Chief Mrs. Iyabo Obasanjo-Bello Oganla Obinrin
Chief Mrs. Kudirat Sunmonu Seriki
Chief Mrs. Aramide Gbadamosi Bada Obinrin
Chief Mrs. Silifat Oke Otun Giwa Obinrin
Chief Mrs. Tejumade Adenekan Mustapha Maiyegun Obinnrin
Chief Mrs. Iyadun Williams . Otun Aare Obirin
Chief Mrs. Wunmi Oshiroluke-Euba Ajigbeda
Chief Mrs. Kuburat Fabunmi Yeye Otun Oganla
Chief Mrs. Oladunni Bolu Akin-Olugbade Yeye Aare Onakakanfo
Chief Mrs. Tolani Adelusi Giwa Iyalode
Chief Mrs. Tunji Alapini Yeye Maiyegun
Chief Mrs. Iyabo Akinoso Asiwaju Iyalode
Chief Mrs. Wule Adegbenro Sarumi Iyalode
Chief Mrs. I. A. Jokosenumi Otun Yeye Maiyegun
Chief Mrs. Modupe Akande Erelu Oganla
Chief Mrs. Atinuke Akande Yeye Oganla
Chief Mrs. Bunmi Ojesina Yeye Asiwaju
Chief Mrs. Aramide Bankole Yeye Aare Okanlomo

86 comments on “Chiefs of Owu Kingdom (List)

  1. Hello sir,

    I look up this site every other time as I hope it would be an authority on Owu matters. However, I’m compelled to note that the much I see here is an attempt to butter up some info, while hiding under ‘royal approval’! Are you a custodian of Owu traditions sir, or mere mouth-piece?

    I appreciate your need to be politically correct, and your limitations in getting certain facts. But, your unwillingnes to investigate claims and put records straight baffles.

    I refer to my observation on the line of Erunmu-Owu chiefs some months ago. I notice (with dismay) that you have included the title of Oluroko of Erunmu-Owu, but as 3rd in line, whereas he is the de facto head of Erunmu-Owu community. The present Oluroko is a prince of Owu land, descended from the Amororo royal family (same as Oba Dosunmu). A study of Owu history will also show you that in the commonwealth of Owu Ipole, only Orile Erunmu was a sister-state and not a vassal. The Olowu’s crown was entrusted to the great-great-grand father of the present Oluroko, and it was him that brought it to Abeokuta.

    The politics of chieftaincy as it is presently played and the differences between our reverred Olowu and the Oluroko is irrelevant in the face of facts. This same Oluroko installed Chief Ekundayo Opaleye as Balogun of Erunmu-Owu, so how is it possible that the Balogun is superior to him in rank or order?

    Also, the present Jagunna of Erunmu-Owu is Chief Omolade Omohinmi, not Olusesan Odebiyi, as you wrote.

    Kindly confirm these facts, so information is not distorted. Thanks.

    • Oluroko Oba Erunmu! The proper title of Oluroko before during and after the sacking of Orile Owu (Owu Ipole). Even as the Olowu has prescribed authority presently,to install chiefs, so does Oluroko as a second class CHieftain under our Cheiftaincy laws. Contrary to the ignorant utterances of some Royal manipulators, the Olowu’s prescribed authority is conferred by statute just like that of Erunmu. Oba Odeleye was properly installed and his installation as Olowu was gazetted. All Chiefs therefore installed by him was rightly installed as a first class king with prescribed authority to instal them.The reason for Oluroko to attend Oluroko’s court for his installation is because the Oluroko in his humility and sense of brotherhood (to the Olowu) refused to break ranks with Akinjobi, a move which costed Oluroko the sacking of Orile Erunmu and led to the seat of Erunmu government being transferred to Abeokuta. The only other City state in Yoruba land that was founded the same way as Owu Ipole was Erunmu.

      The present dilemma in Owu Kingdom and the distortions to Owu history has come about because of a situation which the preacher described in the book of Ecclesiastes as follows: ‘I have seen an evil under the sun, I have seen Slaves riding as Princes on horse back and Princes walking on foot.’
      Also ‘an error proceeding from the ruler: folly is set in high places. ‘

      FOr the information of all the ignoramii, who do not know OLuroko of Erunmu as a title both in Owu and as an Independant Traditional Ruler, go to the records of the Foreign and Commonwealth office in London and you will find details of the Oluroko Of Erunmu in communiques between the Colonial Government and the FCO, totally independent of any reference to Olowu.


  2. Emyrs, l know Owulakoda refused to display his reply to your truthful comment, don’t worry yourself, he has nothing to answer on Owu history.
    Can you imagine him replying Dr. Rotimi Ijaola in his 2012 blog on this same blog that he had never heard of Oluroko.
    I referred him to “The history of the Yorubas” by Samuel Johnson
    It is unfortunate that those in power had turned things upside down, and their megaphone had taken over the publicity.
    Be rest assured that all this is temporary as attested in the Bible book of Psalm 37:1 _2:” Fret not thyself of evildoers, neither be thou envious against the workers of I iquity. For they shall soon be cut down like the grass, and wither as the green herb”
    Just follow verses 3_8 until the truthful result comes out in verse 9.
    Abiodun O. Ijaola
    Oluroko Compound

  3. Dear Chief, compliments on your good work in projecting Owu Kindom. I have a few observations on your list of Erunmu chiefs.
    1. The Oluroko Erunmu (proper title being: Oluroko, Oba Erunmu) is the traditional ruer in Eruinmu-Owu, and the one to appoint other Erunmu chiefs. His name and title should have been listed at the top. The incumbent (who is also a prince of Owu from the Amororo Ruling House) installed the present Balogun Erunmu-Owu.
    2. Chief Omoyinmi is the present Jagunna of Erunmu, contrary to your submission, and he is fifth in line to the Balogun Erunmu.
    The Erunmu community rulership system is also similar to that of the larger Owu ruling system, as it has its list of martial chiefs, clan chiefs and civil chiefs.

  4. Owulakoda,
    My name is Olanrewaju Sobiye, In all the title of chiefs I cannot find the title of Oluwo of Owu, Ashipa is there and some other titles but Oluwo is conspicously missing in the titles, what can you say to this.
    My father is an Egba man but my mum is from Ile Alara in Owu. Ile Alara is somewhere in Totoro.
    Please can you tell me the meaning of Parakoyi, and who are the people that are given the title.
    Thank you.

  5. My name is Yemi from Otileta rulling house Aderioye compand in Oke egunya I observed something two year ago our king (OBA) is not ready to help us like the way Late Odeleye used to help others in terms of job placement. My uncle got a job though late OLOWU. He just walk to him and explain himself that am from owu and I have send my application to UNAAB I need your. assistant and Kabiyesi asked him some question to confirmed may be he was from Owu or not after this he call UNAAB. VC and he got the job is more that ten times. I have went to see Kabiyesi OBA adegboyega Dosunmu he did not listen to me. He attend to those he knows that one should not be I want you to use your possition to talk to him to be a listing king I love OWU and I want OWU to love me and help me. Tell him to assit us so that our mind will be in Owu

  6. Dear brothers and sisters of Owu Kingdom,

    My family is from Ilorin but we have a farm village called Gudugba. The village is about 10 miles from Ilorin. I reside in the US and it was a pleasant surprise to find your blog, and a reference to Gudugba. A family lore indicates that one of my ancestors (great grandfather or grandmother) had a connection “Egba Alake” hence, the name Gudugba for the farm village that they established. Congratulations to all today on the celebration of Owu Day.

    Best Regards,
    PS: Is there a family in Gudugba (Ogun state) with oriki of Aro, omo arolu owo?

    • Babatunde. You are in good company. The name Gudugba most probably points to an Owu-Apomu ancestry. The Owus are scattered all over West Africa, so your Gugugba is most probably one of the outreaches deriving its name from Sangojimi Gudugba who was the Owu-Apomu warrior who was in the pioneering team from Ibadan who pioneered and first established domiciliary in what we now call Abeokuta.

      My brother, plan your homecoming vacation next year for the first week in October and come to truly experience the Owu Octoberfest called Odun Omo Olowu – guaranteed to blow your mind and refocus you to your ancestral connection! Good luck.

      • Thank you very much. Your reference to Ibadan as Sangojimi’s initial home opens another vista. In ‘oriki of Yoruba’ Alhaji Ajobiewe used my family’s oriki (ojo l’a romi we nile arolu) for Ibadan in his video. I don’t know what this could indicate but I’m eager to learn more. I found your blog yesterday. Too late for this year but I look forward to being a part of Odun Omo Olowu in 2014. Happy Owu Day to you and thank you again for your insightful response.

        • Thanks Babatunde. A slight correction. Ibadan was not Sangojimi’s initial home, just one of his transit homes on his flight from war-thorn Apomu where he was domiciled. However, he was well entrenched there as one of the chief war councillors of the Baale of Ibadan, who also gave him a beautiful wife, Burewa, from his (Baale’s) inlaws compound to further cement their friendship.

          We look forward to your full participation at the 2004 Odun Omo Olowu festival. Cheers.

  7. I really appreciate what you have done. Let me quickly introduce myself, I am EbunOluwa Oladitan nee Talabi from OWU Kingdom and I am also a staff with TELL Magazine.
    I will like you to link me with the organizers, so as to talk with them concerning the forthcoming festival schedule for October 5, 2013. Pls, waiting for your response. You can mail me on for further discussion.
    Many thanks.

  8. Owu will be accorded her place in history through your good work and the efforts of the great sons and daughters of the great kingdom. I would like the great sons and daughters of Oduduwa to accord Ile-Ife, the cradle of the Yoruba race her deserved glory, hence, our culture and history will become a laughing matter among the committee of nations. We should forget the rivalry between the persons of the current occupier of the thrones of the Ooni of Ife and the Alaafin of Oyo but should focus our attention and objectivity of the true history of Yoruba nation. The known fact is that every Yoruba towns trace their ancestral origin directly or indirectly to Ile-Ife but sentimentally, we all shy away from the truth of projecting the image of the town. Kudos to your great efforts and God bless all of you

  9. The ranking of the chiefs did not follow accordinly,my name is asiwaju aderibigbe alao The asiwaju of papa ajao mushin. They dint mention iyalaje owu chief mrs adenike lawal,but her senior sist name chief mrs kudirat sumonu was mention they both stand as my mum, cos their most sis who is my biological mum is dead alhaja taibat olabisi adeniran may her soul rest in perfect peace amen.

    • Chief Aderibigbe.
      I thank you for your observation but am at a loss in understanding what is meant by your statement that the order of arrangement of the chiefs list do not follow accordingly. If it is hierarchy and seniority you mean, the palace is yet to release an official standing on that to the best of my knowledge.
      I however agree with you that this least is not complete and is significantly outdated, but
      it was the only one available to me as at the time it was posted some years ago. A more comprehensive list has been compiled at the tail end of last year which should have been used to update this list. I shall work on it asap when

      time permits.

  10. my name is OYEGBAMI AYEDUN OLADIRAN. pls sir, i will like to know the name of my agbole in owu kingdom. all i can say abt it is owu totoro. sir, i dont know no if you have come across my surname sir (OYEGBAMI), and if you can use it to trace my background for me,i will really appreciate it sir. am very glad to come across this site. am proud of my ORIGIN and i will be more proud now. more GRACE to elbow sir. GOD bless Nigeria, GOD bless OLOWU OF OWU KINGDOM, GOD bless the entire indigenous of OWU KINGDOM.

    • Olatunji, My updated list (as of Oct 2012) shows Alh Tajudeen Egbeyemi as Abese Owu, & Moruf Egbeyemi as Otun Ajiroba .No other Egbeyemi is listed . Your man may have been one of the past Owu chiefs who refused or neglected to update their profiles when the prescribed authority issue emerged at the beginning of Olowu Adesanya Dosunmu’s reign .

      Alpine to the best of my knowledge is every inch as Owu as any other. Please correct me if you have contrary information.

      Sent from Samsung Mobile

  11. Mr rotimi,i appciate ur work God of owu kingdom wil bless u more,i was born nd brnt up in lagos,but de KUTA is my home,if u can visit de Anlugbua site,with owu villages Via de site,like….owu telemu,owu ile- mo owo,owu ogbagba,owu ile,KUTA site show dat, de real site too show dat, owu history is nt complet without KUTA site,God bless KUTA,God bless owu,God bless MAKAMA de olowu of KUTA……

  12. Sir, this is quite laudable. However, you seem to limit Owu to Abeokuta. It would appreciated if you make people understand that the traditional home of Owus is Kuta, in Ayedire LGA of Osun state, where our ancestral father Anlubua is believed to have gone underground.
    That way, we can build a link among all Owu communities as we are currently working on through Kuta site.
    Thank you

    • Ajaabi.
      I am thrilled to hear that you are putting up a Kuta site. I shall visit it as soon as possible and help to promote it as i would every Owu progressive endeavor. Kudos!

      I cannot however make people understand what is grossly inaccurate.
      While the totality of Owu ancestral history is incomplete and short of accuracy, the consideration of Owu-Kuta as the traditional home of the Owus does not even come up under any consideration whatsoever, unless you mean something else by ‘traditional’!

      True, Anlugbua or more accurately Akindele Onilu-Ogbe was a bonafide native of Owu-Kuta, and perhaps may have disappeared underground there in Kuta or in the then neighboring city of Owu-Ogbere to which Kuta was probably a satellite settlement, Kuta never played any major role in the mainstream of Owu origin and migrations.

      However that is not to say that Kuta is not one of the most historically favored among Owu settlements; boasting of personalities like Akindele a.k.a. Anlugbua, Baale Olugbode of Ibadan and perhaps the mother of Rev. Ajayi Crowther among other eminent and mythical personalities!

      I may probably comment further after visiting the Kuta Site which i congratulate as a brilliant development. Owu sites should be splashed all over the Internet, but with care for proper verifiable reporting.
      The next project of Owulakoda is to promote proper harmony without jeopardizing individual variance and divergence of expressions among Owu sites. It is precisely thru discussing such divergences that we shall learn to unearth the truth wherever they may be buried!

    • Glad to feel the energy of your pride for Owu Kingdom.

      There is no such title as the Oluwo of Owu in Owu Kingdom, and to the best of my knowledge, there had never been!

      You see, the Ogboni culture which breeds such titles as oluwo (‘Olu awo’ or head of the ogboni/ awo cult) is alien to the Owu people, and semblances of it were only borrowed from the Egbas after the resettlement in Abeokuta. That situation has however since been corrected in totality.

      I know of an instant of an Oluwo Apomu, but you know what? Even that instant is now void and was never authentically valid in Owu Kingdom anyway, because the installation was done by an Alake, well away from his domain and sphere of authority!

      For further authority on this discuss, click HERE .

  13. Sir, I will be greateful to have a lead to contact one of our ilustrious Owu/Yoruba Chiefs.
    Chief Olufemi Sodeinde (Olori Igbimo Owu)
    I am writing from outside Nigeria but I need to have the opportunity to express a very important concern to my Chief.

    Chief Shodeinde may not know me personally, I am one of his children, a native of IJU-Otta.
    I will be grateful to have a contact mail addres to the Chief.
    Thank you very much for your assistance and Long Live our King and the illustrous Chiefs of the Owu Kingdom.

    Looking forward to hearing from you

  14. Where are the traditional titled Owu Chiefs in the scheme of things? We should be very careful about distortions in our history otherwise posterity may not forgive us. Where are the Akoguns, the omolaasins, the Olosii, the Orunto, the onroko etc. this is a dangerous trend in Owu History. Well, we all know the truth and surely this can never depart from our hearts or memory. Everything is but for a moment and no condition shall remain the same forever.

    • You mean the ‘Afobajes’ or kng-makers because all the chiefs in the list are traditional, save the Special Category chiefs who are only honorary.

      Incidentally 4 out of the total 9 or so possibles at this present time have already made the list ie. Obamaja, Oyega, Osupori and Asalu. The rest are still to be forwarded from their respective titled families for royal approval. When and if this is done, you will witness a full complemented list!

      The situation is as follows, the Olowu as he readily concedes, cannot bar a titled family from forwarding candidates to the court of Kingmakers. That goes beyond his call of service! It is a family right which is just as critical as the royal rights of the Amororos, Otiletas, Akinjobis etc. However he has the prerogative to sanction their installation just as they also have for the selection of a new Oba.

      If there is an en-passe right now, it is as a result of the exercise of individual and family rights, which in my candid opinion, is a manifestation of the virile nature of the Owu Traditional governance system, the ‘Igbimo’ factor of our heritage! After all, even old Oyo had its spells of conflicts between its Alafins and Oyomesis. Why shouldn’t new Owu?

      Let’s face it, the captain of a ship determines the course he charts for his vessel and crew – for as long as he is able to take responsibility for the consequences.

      There is nothing like a dangerous trend to history, for history has a way of snapping itself back to course, if it must and needs to. That is an irrefutable fact!

      As of distortions in our history. Come on, where have you been? Our history is already distorted…Had always been distorted! What else do you expect from an oral dissemination tradition?
      Face the fact, distortion is an inevitable evil necessity under such systems. What we are now trying to do is to attempt meaningful and systematic historical reconstructions out of the badly distorted chaos and matrix of myths, rumors and speculations!

      Like you rightly noted, history is also a recorder, but you and me cannot determine in advance how it will record each event or regime, for posterity. History has been known to turn tyrants into saints and vice versa depending on the perspective of the archivers. Let’s wait and see…and in the waiting process, determine to contribute our own quota with all our zest. That way, whatever may, progress shall be ascertained, and that same history may smile on us too!

      That is my disposition…and i think it should be yours and everybody else’s also!

      Thank you Ogbeni Akinola Olaseeni for your mind primer!

    • @ akionla olaseeni Thanks so much for the reply there’s no need to ” be very careful about distortions in our history otherwise posterity may not forgive us” the did has been done already therefore by the power of the owu crown they shall be judged by alugbua,otonporo and the great owu deities, where are those afobaje (kingmakers) the akogun owu,omolaasin, olosi,orunto,onroko etc??? and if some of y’all don’t know what’s going on i think you’ll understand through this bit of story.The last Olowu of Owu, late Oba Adisa Odeleye, joined his ancestors on June 11, 2003, necessitating the selection of another Olowu. ” Addressing newsmen in Abeokuta, five of the eight kingmakers who participated in the selection at the Owu Palace alleged that President Obasanjo after tearing the election result threatened to deal with them for not doing his bidding. Led by the Akogun of Owu, Chief Rufus Onifade, the kingmakers said:After the election in which Prince Sanya Dosumu scored three votes and Prince Tayo Adebiyi Fadairo scored five votes, the president got annoyed and became violent and collected the result and tore the result sheet. He lambasted us, calling us incompetent. He said we did not do what he wanted and threatened that he would deal with us. Chief Onifade said four Princes” Niyi Adegbenro, Adejare Pearce, Sanya Dosumu and Tayo Fadairo” contested in yesterday’s selection as ordered by an Ogun State High Court after the first selection process resulted in a court action. He explained that the due process for the selection was followed strictly yesterday as the Chairman and Secretary of Abeokuta North Local Government, Chief Sunday Akintona and Akeem Akingbade respectively were in attendance, saying: Our voting was in consonance with the people’s wish. Our people have expressed their wish and both Ifa oracle and Christians who prayed, all wanted Fadairo. And for doing the right thing, our lives are now in danger. We have also resolved not to hold any meeting in his (Obasanjo) house anymore. Accompanied by Chiefs Olawale Osungboye, the Obamaja; Rahman Ogunbiyi, the Oyega; Sunday Oguntolu, the Omolaasin; and Sufianu Olaifa, the Olosi, Akogun Onifade said the only solution was the upholding of the result of the fresh nomination. We are ready to die for Owu. We know he (Obasanjo) is in charge of forces. But we are doing what is right and we are prepared, he said. owu people should know one thing that we are the future of owu, we need to speak the truth for us to gain a better tomorrow.. thanks so much chief Olufemi Folorunso Osanyinjobi

    • Lekan. I believe the perceived contradiction is only imagined. I do not think i mentioned rankings at all but in the event that i did , please specify exactly where so that i may take a 2nd look.
      However, there are protocol arrangements which do not necessarily signify seniority. If you have access to the past few Owu Day programmes, the Olori Igbimo usually took protocol position immediately after the overall Balogun…but in the last programme (2010 Odun Omo Olowu, which shall soon be available for free downloading online at in pdf format), the 3 Baloguns (Ago-Owu, Erunmu & Apomu) were listed one after the other before the Olori Igbimo, a circumstance which i do not believe resulted from an oversight. Mind you, this administrative structure is as new as the regime of the present Olowu. It is his brain-child and i believe is subject to evolution and fine-tunning until perfected and he feels satisfied.
      Meanwhile remind me to ask Olowu ‘Kangunere’ for confirmation!

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