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E kaabo S’ ile (welcome home).

I am an Owu citizen of the Yoruba tribe in Abeokuta Nigeria. A traditional chieftaincy title holder, I am the Asiwaju-Apomu of Owu Kingdom.

My mission is specifically to project the traits and historical antecedents of these intriguing and extremely proud people who are the first in Yorubaland to wear a crown, the first to be forcibly restrained by a joint military action of the rest of their tribesmen, the first to present a Yoruba military head of state, and democratically elected executive president, and as their anthem lyrics, also the first in Creation!

They are extremely migratory haven settled widespread all over the South West of Nigeria & in the neighbouring country of Benin. As at the last count, their are 16 known crowned Olowus (Owu Kings), with numerous minor or Coronet Obas and their communities in existence. They are outstandingly organized for commerce (ancient Apomu market), defense (ancient Orile-Owu double perimeter walls), conflicts, valiant in battles (Adubi, Gbalefa wars & Madam Tinubu’s defense of ancient Abeokuta), and have been illustrious and high achievers (Obasanjo, Ajibola, Amosun etc) throughout the course of their volatile history!

Do you know that the Nigerian national anthem at Independence was composed by an Owu man…and that an Owu man had also worn the crown of the Egbas as the Alake!? And also…etc etc.

At their annual Owu Day celebrations, they bare it all!

This is an open blog  site where you may leave your comments and opinions in the appropriate comment boxes. In fact I encourage you to do so.

If you have any relevant articles, historical perspectives (family or general), or news for publication. Kindly feel free to insert them in the comment boxes or email to apomuowu@gmail.com (for  full formating before publication).

We shall also publish your profile or biography, family genealogy or community chronology – for as long as they are relevant to the Owu development theme we represent.

Thank you and stay with me.



78 comments on “About This Site

  1. Asiwaju-Apomu of Owu Kingdom.
    I wasn’t aware of this page until today. Its very refreshing to know that these information is online and available to all to view. Most impressed and looking forward to more information. Owu people are proud of you and your efforts towards providing more briefs like this. Keep the flag flying.
    Basorun-Elepa of Owu Kingdom

    • Thanks Esolabi for your kind words.
      Please get more involved and leave further comments and suggestions on various topics connected with the Owu people. eg. Give us a situation report or historical details of the Elepa region…or even your personal profile.
      Let’s share…and progress!

    • My greetings to you: Asiwaju-Apomu of Owu Kingdom. I am national of the Republic of Benin. I was told that our family, Adjibodou, originated from Ipokia, Ogun. My late father who worked in Lagos in the 1970s / 1980s told me about some people with a similar name, Ajibodu. Please tell me more about these names, if you know anything about them. I look forward to your learned feedback. Best regards.

  2. Thanks very much for this update it is quite interesting and I am very happy that an Owu indigine has took it upon himself to educate us but let me add that Moshood Abiola’s name should have been included in the list great Owu’s personalities. Thank you and God Bless.

    • Sorry Omooba Adepegba, i beg to disagree with you because to the best of my knowledge, Moshood Abiola was a Gbagura man and had no immediate traceable link with any Owu bloodline…unless you mean perhaps another Moshood Abiola outside of MKO!

      For clarity Owu and Gbagura are neighbours on the same hill, and their two palaces are situated back to back, the Owu palace on the higher part of the hill – so it may be easy for an ‘outsider’ to confuse the two communities as one.

    • I had made a reply to this comment many weeks ago but something went wrong and it didn’t get published. I apologize.

      Thank you Mr Anonymous at Uniben. I appreciate the honor and recognition. I however suggest that such a visit should be made at the Olowu Palace with the Olowu and his select chiefs also present to receive the homage.

      Good idea?

  3. Hello Asiwaju Apomu…….As Rightly read in your prologue that you do not have ile ogboni in owu, but I am aware of a particular chief of Apomu Owu…He is Chief Bayo Babajide-Ogunseye, he answers the title Oluwo of Apomu Owu, could you please explain this or is he usurping that title?

    • Thank you Bolaji for your penetrating questions.

      No, Chief Bayo Babajide-Ogunseye is not a usurper. He was actually installed as the Oluwo of Apomu Owu…but not in Owu Kingdom, and not by an Olowu. His title is the product of the Alake of Ake! (sic).

      Of course you must recognise the controversial implication of such a title, and you must also understand why any self-respecting Olowu must totally dis-associate with it, especially when the leaning and loyalty of the title bearer is wholly towards his benefactors in Ake. I consider Chief Ogunseye a fine lovable gentleman, but i think he has got it all wrong…and i had told him so before!

      Moreover, all semblances of ogboni titles that resided in Owu have been bleached, dried and repackaged by the current Olowu inside the box of Igbimo as you may have read in the prologue you mentioned. For a complete understanding of this administrative structure, visit “7th-owu-day-olowu-speaks” (click here ).

  4. Am glad to have come across this website, infact it’s really educative and i pray that God give you all it require to make it greater than this.

    Chief Oluwo of Apomu Owu, reading through some of the names you mentioned as industrious and outstanding high achievers Owu indigenes sir,it would be honorable at all time to give honor to whom honor is due therefore i will suggest that Late Chief Akin-olugbade should always be remember if not by anyone but by we his kins men because he has contributed more than anyone to make sure that Owu indigenes comes back to developed their root and he led by example by starting the palace buildings,the first social hall in Owu is owned by him,the first private hospital is owned by him just to mentioned few sir.

    Finally sir, who is this Owu man that was once an Alake of Egba land ?

    • I thank you for your recognition of Balogun Akin-Olugbade.

      I bet there is no living soul here on earth or in the heavens who will say with conviction that the late illustrious Balogun of Owu is not being accorded all the honours he deserves…and maybe more!

      He is simply synonymous with the modern Owu Kingdom and his banner has been flagged everywhere like the fabled Spanish Don Quixote did with his mistress’s banner! In fact this modern legend ‘resurrects’ and ‘reincarnates’ virtually everywhere in Owu daily life. For instance, one of his living radiations’ (offspring) is the Aare-Ona-Kakanfo of Owu Kingdom! The first ever and only instance of such an awe-inspiring title in Owuland that i know of!

      Next. That Owu man who was an Alake of Egbaland was Oba Ademola who ascended the Ake throne in November 1869 and further ascended to his ancestors on 9 September, 1877. He succeeded Oba Okukenu as the 2nd Alake after a 6 year interregnum under Chief Shomoye, courtesy of his mother’s royal heritage in the Jibodu family. His father was however a full-fledged Owu man!

      Prince Ademola was very wealthy and affluent, so he easily secured the support of the all powerful Ogboni house of Ake against Prince Oyekan who was his main rival and who was to succeed him as the 3rd Alake. The irony in this encounter however is that Ademola’s chief opposition was also a powerful Owu bloodline like him, Efunporoye Osuntinubu – the fabled Madam Tinubu, who rooted for Oyekan and was to succeed in her quest only after Ademola had served his term (Remember that this Iron Lady/’Kingmaker’ Tinubu had performed a similar feat in the Lagos royal family when she championed Akintoye against Kosoko)!

      Lastly, Mr Akeem Ademigunle. You addressed your enquiry to Chief Oluwo of Apomu Owu. However, it is Chief Asiwaju of Apomu Owu who has answered you principally because it is assumed you erred in your referencing (I wonder for the confusion though?)!

  5. Chief Asiwaju Apomu of Owu. I am thrilled to have discovered this forum online. As you might be wondering, I am indeed of relation to Pa Oladipo Yemitan–he happens to be my grandfather. In working on a cultural project, I decided to do some studying up on my grandfather and your posting regarding Adubi War pulled up in my searches. I look forward to learning more about Owu through this as well as other forums.

    • Thank you Laolu.
      Pls let your grandpa know that this site is doing its bit to promote his efforts, and that he may get further exposure for more of his commendable works through this site.

  6. Asiwaju Apomu of Owu Abeokuta,thanks for these information and intrigue revelations.Am an Owu man from Ibadan and i have been attending owu gatherings for the past 20years ,i can say i have met with hundreds of men and women of owu tribes who are highly successful including our royal fathers , but the emphasis has always being made about some of men and women who are of Owu i Abeokuta extract,what about other great men and women of other extract .In addition, the joint celebrations of Owu people that are usually celebrated annually in rotations among the different owu settlement have never being given publicity as the one celebrated by Owu of Abeokita. Finally,this medium would be highly welcome to be information gathering and distribution of the entire Owu activities.

    • (Mr) Bolaji Lawal.

      I respect, totally support and agree with your suggestions that Owulakoda.com should be a forum for the totality of Owu settlements and people, not just the ones from Abeokuta.

      In actual fact, this is exactly what it was mandated to do when launched. But as the site is by no means institutional and I am its sole webmaster, and by hailling from that part of the Owu Nation anchored in Abeokuta which also appears to be the most populous and influential of Owu people among all Owu anchorages, it was easy for the contents of the site to become dominantly regionalised.

      I lament this situation but you must understand that there is an acute limitation to the coverage capabilities of a single spare-time operator. 

      For instance, I had already scheduled to report the last Owu National convention  of 3/12/2011 at Aiyepe Ijebu despite the lack of an official invite (in fact, Owulakoda had rarely ever been invited for any official function, but patriotism and vision keeps it going), however some last minute developments prevented that from happening.

      Also there are other coverages that were actually done but are yet to be published due to conflicts in schedules and the thin-ness of time (and pocket (grunt!). eg. The 2011 Owu Akinale Day Festival (for which an invitation was actually extended).

      Another example of a coverage that never came to light despite the award of an invitation was the 1992 Anlugbua festival of Orile-Owu (Owu-Ipole) due to some pathetic ‘security’ developments and conflicts, although this took place several years before the actual formation of the website!

      The ideal situation is to have partner contributors from every major Owu settlements worldwide so that we may collectively have a more virile, dynamic and broad-based coverage of Owu activities and history from all nooks and corners.

      I thereby in view of your apparent widespread interest and interraction in the Owu communities, respectfully invite you to join me on this philantropic quest to harmonise the ancestrial traits and contemporary aspirations of our people, scattered as they are, into one strongly united consciousness with an awesome sense of pride in our common lofty heritage!

      My invitation to you in essence is for you to provide this website with a continuous stream of information of the activities and historical accounts known to you about the Owus in Ibadan…and anywhere else for that matter. I am prepared to grant direct content editorial priviledges and credits (subject to pre-publication scrutiny) for the effective realisation of this.

      This is an open invitation to you, Bolaji Lawal and everybody else who may be so inclined to participate in this project of retrieving and reconstructing our hidden past & dignity in order to harmonise the present and future of all Owu people.

      I can be reached privately on ashiwaju@gmail.com for further deliberations. Thank you.

  7. sir,asiwaju-apomu of owu kingdom ,Thank God for the discovery of this page today ,very impressed and educative, pls i want you to put more light on the family of Ajibola of owu abeokuta.

    • Afolabi. I hope the light has now shone brighter on the family of Ajibola of Owu Abeokuta after the article just posted on the subject. (Click here for article)

      If however you still need more light, you will have to wait for the official release of the book – ‘A Life of Excellent Service – Oba Salami Adewunmi Ajibola’ co-authored by Oladipo Yemitan & Bola Ajibola, where they bare it all!

  8. Gudjob sir.My greatgranfather is call Olugbodi which was said to come from Owu Ikija in abeokuta.Finally settle at Ilepa town at Ifo LG of today were he died.Sir i want to know which family he belong in Owu Ikija and the family impact in Owu history. Sir you as Balogun Apomu did u control Apomu?,because i believe it has King,i live there for good 8 years.Am talking of the one in osun.Sir i just discover this site and am happy.I Will like to be at this year Owu day,but i have to know the family of my forefather and the date of the OWU DAY.Sir i had of one ‘Oriki’ goes those:Arelu relumi kin lowo arelu relmi ki n bimo omo onida ko manan omo olokun esin…THANKS AND GOD BLESS YOU.

    • Rafiu. Its a pleasure to welcome you aboard this thing of ours known as owulakoda.com.

      Are you sure that the Owu-Ikija you talk about is not the one situated near Ijebu-Ode (about 15km away to the north east)? I am really not aware of an Owu Ikija in Abeokuta.

      Whatever, all Owus are one, and the Owu Day in Abeokuta comes up in October every year although it has now given way to the Odun-Omo-Olowu which is far more exciting. If you keep in touch with this site (you can subscribe for email alerts) the exact details shall be published close to the date of the event.

      Next, I am not the Balogun Apomu, but Asiwaju Apomu Owu. The Apomu highlighted here is located at Abeokuta and is a resettlement of the one in Osun State near Ikire which however is the original one and boasts of an Oba for near 20yrs now.

      I hope pretty soon i shall be able to expand the scope of the Owulakoda exposé to Owu Ikija & other Owu settlements, perhaps then i shall be in a position to assist you in tracing your Olugbodi family background, but in the interim, why don’t you find time one weekend and go there for an ancestoral rediscovery quest?

      • Sir am very greatful for your struggle to unit the owu’s. GOD bless u and you crew.Sir my grategrandfather(olugbodi)settle in Ilepa town of Ifo LG,sir i just want to know the part of owu where came from before settling in our present settlement(ILEPA).Thanks and God bless.OWU oni daru nigbo ibi taa tedo si amin.

  9. Asiwaju Apomu Owu,
    I am bereft of words when I was told about this site. Thank God someone like you who took time to educate a lot of us who would like to know more about our origin/background as well as our “Agbo ile”. I really need your help as the generation of my parents are all gone to the great beyond.

    My family name is SADIPE. I don’t know the name of our “agbo ile” but my granfather’s house (General Family House) is:
    If you enter Abeokuta thro’ Ita Oshin, come past Lafenwa bridge (On the left as you decend the bridge is Pa Fowosedo’s House, on the other side of the road used to be a hotel (that was where my aunt used in 1972 when grandpa (Pa Daniel Molade Sadipe) died. He was buried in the Church cementary of Ago Owu Baptist ChurOcth.
    Our family House is on the left hand side (instead of turning right towards Totoro) coming from Lafenwa…Once you go uphill a little bit, the house is on the left. (there’s another church up that hill too), I wonder if you can help me.
    My Paternal grandmother too is from Oke Molere, late Pa Oyedemi was her brother.
    I really want to know as I am the only one in my generation, interested in my grassroots.

    • Kemi. You have more than tried with your remarkable vivid description which indicates your family compound is on Oke Ago Owu, just before the palace. I believe that other church you indicated is not actually up the hill but beyond it on the other side going down hill on Agura Rd. However, I shall get on your case as soon as time permits and inform you of my findings. I believe you may be 95% there already.

  10. Pls i want to confirm if Owu
    people have quarters or
    homesteads or really reside
    in Ijebu Ode. Is it through
    that one of Oba Awujale of
    Ijebuland Or Dagburewe of Idowa begat Oba Omu of
    Ijebu? Is there any
    relationship between The
    Past Oba Awujale’s of
    Ijebuland OR Past
    Dagburewe’s of Idowa with Omu Ijebu people if any? It is
    on record that Odeowu and
    Onakanrende are blood
    brothers and a native of
    Ijebu Ode,pls can u help us
    out? I have not been to Omu Ijebu but my father
    told me that we are from
    there. My great great
    grandfather is the founder
    of Odo-Senlu,but through http://
    http://www.omuijebuomueleni.org I can see that their is Senolu
    family in Ramuja Ruling House
    of Omu-Ijebu,pls can u kindly
    help me out maybe this
    Senolu was coined to Senlu
    or not bcos there was a claim that Prince Senlu
    migrated from Ile-Ife to Ijebu
    Ode,from Ijebu Ode to found
    Odo-Senlu formerly EHIN-ERI.
    Pls help me out!

  11. i have often wondered why nigerians, and indeed yourba people with such rich culture and heritage dont have documented information about their history. Or why it is that young people have not taken on themselves to study about their rich culture. But upon my visit to Oluma last month, i decided to do research on the Egbas. And being from Owu, ultimately owu people. I must say your blog has provided me more information, and it has encouraged me to preach this gospel of Owu. Of a truth we are a great people. With sons and daughetrs who have achieved great things. I would like to be a part of this Owu-Project, and ambassador of our people. I am motivated to do great things. Thank you Sir

  12. What an educative history. We implore you to do more in order to help those of us that are indigene but have little or no knowlegde about Owu most especially in oriki aspect.

  13. Asiwaju,thanks tanks opening dis page in a bid to unite all desendant of Apomu,i don’t know that there is another Apomu apart frm the one beside Ikire,sir in history,u didn’t mention where d first settler are coming frm,why they leave and where are they heading to b4 they finally settle down there.

  14. Iam deeply attached to my root and will spare no effort in discovering historical fact regarding the children of Ajibosin.The discovery of this site online had again prove the resourcefulness and never-die spirit of this special breed amongs the Yoruba nation.Indeed OWUS are the Jews of the Yoruba nation and carrier of the blessing of the first born. As an OWU son from Osupori compound of Abeokuta I want to say a very big thanks to you Chief for the wonderful job that you have done and still doing. May the Almighty God who in his infinite wisdom had commited into your hands the burden of educating, enlightening and setting straight certain misconception regarding the Owus all enablements. You have brought illumination to so many dark shades that had hitherto beclouded my understanding of some aspects of our evolution as a distinct Yoruba sub-group. Though young, I will not hesitate to furnish through this medium any information that will further enrich this site. Chief Iam very proud of you and this accomplishment. May God continue to bless you abundantly SIR!

  15. Awofe.
    If only i was a woman, i would marry you instantly!
    Thank you for your compliments. They have given me further strength, and you have also glorified the high calling of your compound as king-makers.
    Take this further by going to the Owu Forum (http://owulakoda.com/forum), and The Yoruba Forum (http://yoruba.apomu.com) where you can positively contribute in the new sites with your discussions and comments to further improve the Owu advantage. Get your friends and family involved too.
    Once again. Thank you.

  16. Through this post, I address the creator of this great website and the people of Owu wherever they may be, especially those of us who are blessed with Internet literacy and browsing opportunities.

    First to you Asiwaju Apomu Owu:

    Kare omo Ajibosin, Olugbimo Anlugbua – for this fantastic instrument of communication you have given us in Owuland, thank you. owo re o maalo soke o!

    Then to you all, my kith and kin as Owu people:

    I have been a silent but keen observer and reader of this laudable project of unity, Owulakoda.com, brought to us by Asiwaju Apomu for a number of years now, thinking that by now it would have grown bigger than it has done. I also observed that this could not likely have been due to a lack of effort by its creator and administrator, but more likely the lack of proper suppoert and understanding by the rest of us for whom it has been provided.
    I saw the growth of this website from blog which i first discovered about 4 years ago, to magazine type which i think came up about 2 years ago. Now, a Forum has been added! My appreciation to Asiwaju who has made all these to happen.

    What amazes me however is that you and me are not making the best use of all these services. I am surprised that the new Owu Forum has only had a handful of registered members after nearly 2 months of being introduced. We do not seem to recognise what has been given us, for once again, the Owu people are now among the first of their tribe to embrace modern communication in their history, and definately the first to boast of an internet discussion forum through which they can discuss and chat like one big family spread all over the world, what some call the Jews of the Yorubas.

    I dont think this is an accident, because as we are told, Asunkungbade Ajibosin, the first Olowu was the first of Yoruba to wear a crown after Oduduwa, Owu was the first regional power in Yoruba when they were living near the River Niger in what was then Nupe country. And once again, one of our own has given us the opportunity to be first again in modern communication. Let us all use this grace before other tribes do and do it more successfully than us.

    I for one has now come out of the shadows to practice what I preach. We must not loose an important momentum for the Owu people. Join me at the Owu forum and let us talk!

    This is my message to you my kins from Ajibosin ancestry.

    By the way, i and the administrator of this site have never met. I am just moved to support a good initiative which needs to be better used by all of us.

    Owu crown – Great Heritage!

  17. i say thank you very much to you, sir asiwaju apomu owu for your initiatives have not only been uniting the owu people but also educating and enlightening the owu indigens and all other people who are interested in knowing about the owu origin. i am a student of archaeology and anthropology in the university of ibadan and discovering the origin and migatory patterns of the owu people is of interest to us. i wld appreciate it very much if more light is be shed on them. thank you very much sir. tola

  18. Mr Anonymous, i can tell you with all honesty that it is mostly speculative (the migratory patterns) although with logic, as would be expected from any oral dissemination of history, but i believe the general trend is from the Savannah region downwards through the forest regions to the coastal towns, with most of the movements being forced by hostility or defense consolidation considerations.
    If you search through the postings on this site, you should be able to fill in the details.
    You may start with the discussion forum which archives virtually all the posts of the site at a glance, and follow the relevant links from there.

  19. Furthemore, to prioritize your request, i suggest you start a Dicussion thread of it at the Forum (link at the top Navigation bar). This will make ontributory discussions on it more specific and targeted. If you have any challenges in using the forum let me know thru ashiwaju@owulakoda.com

  20. I realy appreciate the presence of a blog like this. It help to maintain meaningful dicourse on Yoruba nation. I have always been curious about Owu ang its role in Yoruba history and polity. Especially on the ancetral belief that cut across other Yoruba communities. I know Obalufon is an ancetral deity from Ife and is venerated in majority of Yoruba community in nearly every state in the south west. But most of the time Obalufon is often mixed up with Obatala and at other time with Sopona or Obaluaye. I wish someone would help clear up the mix up. Then I wish to know if Owu has any relationship with Obalufon.

  21. oh,what a great gift the Lord has given us in owu,and Asiwaju am short of words,but all i can say is God bless and strengthen u for this laudable and great forum,am a pure owu man in diaspora,but this site makes me feel am close to my people,keep the flag flying,God bless u

  22. l love this may the lord strengthens you to do more for humanity especially your fathers land. pls sir am from owu but know very little about all this you are giving us. pls sir continue in your good work AM PROUD TO BE A NATIVE OF OWU, ABEOKUTA. LONG LIVE OWU! LONG LIVE ABEOKUTA! LONG LIVE NIGERIA

    • Thanks Adekemi. You’ve made my day.  Praises and recognitions like yours are the only rewards i get out of this project…and they keep me going.

      Ps. The main site; owulakoda.com with the forum, owulakoda.com/forum have been down for a while. I am using this medium to solicite for sponsorship to pay off the hosting company’s debts and get the sites back on-line. Thank you all.

      Sent from Samsung Mobile

  23. The link below will be of interest to the Owu Kingdom
    Let us replicate this at Owu Kingdom

    Please navigate through: http://localplacexpo.com/www/upcomingevents_speakers_details.php?comp=eebi-epeculture&id=30

    “Oriki online video competition-likened it to be panegyrics in English parlance, the Yoruba means of establishing and understanding ones ancestry through poetry.

    Kehinde Oke 08035172971

  24. Asiwaju Apomu Owu I really appreciate the presence of a blog like this l love this may the lord strengthens you to do more for humanity especially your fathers land. pls sir continue in your good work AM PROUD TO BE A NATIVE OF OWU, ABEOKUTA. LONG LIVE OWU! LONG LIVE ABEOKUTA! sir when are they going to owu day this year cos i will love to be there thanks

  25. pls i want to know more about the ogungbe’s in owu my grandad is a king name king Isiaka Adeleke ogungbe of orile owu kingdom he became a king around 1959 or so. Pls i need to know.

  26. Thank you for a good work that you have been doing and God will really reward you, ijn amen. Actually, there was one Oba Adenekan who was the 3rd Olowu of Owu. He was equally An Oba in Ake. Can you explain this? You are blessed,

    • I am totally ignorant of this occurence, and am ready to eat my cap and scandals if it is so!!!

      To my understanding, the 3rd Olowu in Abeokuta was Oba Aderinmoye Adesina(1873-1890), and he was never an Alake! In fact, the only Owu men this rare privilege ever befell were Oba Ademola of Sokori parentage who became the 2nd Alake after Okunkenu as a result of his mother’s Royal statute, and his grandson of the same surname…and neither of them was ever an Olowu. You may have grossly mixed up some details here, I think!

  27. @The administrator, Kudos for your great effort to Owu people. Olowu a gbe yin o, Amin. I would appreciate any findings on Agbo ile ‘Ajibua’ in Ago Owu.
    I have all lineage of both parents from Owu. On father side – to my great grandfather who migrated from Orile-Owu is from Ajibua Compound. On the mother side – to great grandmother from Owu Kuta.
    I discovered all the marriages from generations to my parents are from Owu. Like both parent are from Ibogun village Ifo.
    If any followers could assist with information about Ajibua.

    Thanks and kind regards

  28. I’m a native of Orile Owu,in Ajonbadi’s cmpd,oke Eso,pls I want 2 kno d name of d present rulling king sir.

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  30. Good day sir,

    People like you are really making us proud, I am from Abeokuta, Oke Itoku to be precise. From the arile-gbakori family, please sir i am doing my masters program and require some information on Apomu owu.
    Please sir i will like to know if there is an existing Iyalode in Apomu Owu and what are the roles and responsibilities of the Iyalode in connection with the yoruba tradition.
    Thank you sir as i await you early response.

    Ademola Aderogba
    GSM :+ 234 8023107529

  31. Sir, can you throw more light on the genesis of the phrase ” Omo Olowu Oduru” . Do we have anybody named Oduru. Probably among the past Owu warriors or kings.

  32. I must say I am most intrigued to have come across this forum. I am based in Port Harcourt but I have made it a culture to always come home for any holiday since 2012. I used to see myself as purely Egba but upon further research, I discovered that I am actually Owu. This forum has also helped clarify grey areas concerning the OWU-EGBA ALLIANCE. Though my grandmum is of Egba extraction in Itoki, it’s much more refreshing to know clearly where my roots lie. My father also carries the Owu tribal mark which I escaped by the whiskers as an infant. He also said that every Owu first son is eligible for the post of Olowu. I will want to verify this. A big thank you to the administrator and every contributor.I am deeply proud to be Owu.

  33. Dear Asiwaju,
    It’s a great thing for you to have championed this task of collating and educating the up and coming generations of Owu Kingdom of Yorubaland. But, without any reservation I would like to point out to your honour an error made by yourselves either by commission or …. in your response to questionnaire regarding Oluwo Apomu of Owu. Let it be known to all and sundry that there’s and there shall always be one and only ALAKE OF EGBALAND, not Alake of Ake. Therefore, your choice of words or title given in your own contest should be withdrawn and replaced with correct ones. There may be issues between you and Oluwo of Apomu Owu, this does not gives you the right to make an unworthy comment(s) about His Royal Highness, Alake of Egbaland. I found your statement to be rude and enunciating. As Asiwaju in one of notable Yoruba states, you ‘re supposed to live and lead with GOOD examples not with warring words of the old.
    Looking forward to read more pleasant and educative blogs from you.
    Note: I am a proud Egba man from Jibodu ruling house of Egba Kingdom sharing same bloodline with Oba Ademola’s mother

  34. My name is adebisi and my Family name is ADEGBENRO according to my dad I was told I am from owu Kingdom ago owu and my village is Ibogun Ologun… I want to know my compound in abeokuta my dad is late now and I was told I have family in abeokuta pls any information on my family name and do we have more than on adegbenro family in ago owu.. Pls I need your response

  35. Pls sir i want you to give full detail about BAMIGBAYE’S COMPAND IN OWU ABEOKUTA.I was told we are owu indigene,but can not trace just resently i saw a letter dated 11/4/1971 written to my father requesting his present at the family meeting.My father is late,but i wish to know that compand.My father’s name is Lamidi Adegbite,Adegbite is my granfather.Thanks so much.

  36. Am a vrry proud owu man. Though i barely know much until i came to dis forum. May God bless every owu kingdom worldwide.

  37. Following the controversial I got from different website that there have been a mix up on various things in the owu Kingdom leading to the waiting of a new king over oba dosunmu which have been called from the rukale compound  the interim king of owu…please sir, I want to use your influential post to confirm all this I got as a die hard indigene of owu, abeokuta…Thank you sir.

  38. Sir, is it true that the whole owu is waiting the new king and moreover, is it also true that oba dosunmu is just an interim king of owu kingdom.

  39. Thanks Sir for the writeup,I have been longing to hear from you and read about you. I so much appreciate and proud to be a native of apomu. May the organisation continue to reign @ the top

  40. Gooday asiwaju, hope the people of Owu kingdom are all at peace sir. I will like to know little about the ADELEKE family, I heard ADELEKE was a king from your kingdom before the splitting of their children names sir, I want to know if it is true that ADELEKE family exist in Owu sir.

    • Yetunde i believe you know what you mean by mention or try to bring something about your questions.Are you revering Adeleke on which side of Owu maybe in Owu Abeokuta or Owu Apomu. so that I can link you up with the Adeleke I know.

  41. Thanks Asiwaju for this educative information. Please Sir, Is there any historical link between Apomu Owu and Apomu near Orile Owu in Osun State?

  42. Thanks so much Asiwaju may your day be filled of joy in prosperity.longlife.There are many history which may excite even Asiwaju himself, mind you., Some of The late HRM Oba Saka Adeleke Ogungbe the Olowu of owu in Orile Owu. Iponle wife still alive, I think she’s almost 137yrs now .which mean she can still shed some light in owu history. because it’s was during her husband reign. Owu history was wrote in conjunction with Late writer Mr Waidi Olukutan from the Amororo rulling house.. a lot…..

  43. Fola Olowu Ogunyemi, My grand mother taught us the Oriki of Owu properly and we are very proud of the great kingdom for ever,

    Omo ajiboshin, omo Olowu Omo arematayi, omo asunku gbade, omo arasan lowu. Ogun So loye ahere owo oro labu, omo atileta bi isu, ogun ooo, omo afida to mu be ano e lori, omo ola po tititti ola o nipe kun.

    I will pause for now.

    I am proud to be an Owu man, great and wonderful people fearless warriors of both the past and present life and the life to come, akoda odudua Owu lako da bie de Owu ebere wo, Owu lako da bi e de Ife ebere wo.

    Owu a gbe wa o…..

    Fola Olowu Ogunyemi.

    I am glad I discover this web site.

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