History of Abeokuta

Experience a well rounded rendition of the History of Abeokuta, beautifully summarized under the mesmerism of  a patriotic indigenous background music from no other Abeokuta’s musical icon than The Chief Commander Evangelist Ebeneezer Obey himself.

The historical sketch itself is the summary of a joint effort by two of Abeokuta’s  foremost history authorities,  Chief Dr. LATEEF BIOBAKU (may his soul rest in perfect peace) and PA OLADIPO YEMITAN.

I loved every second of the experience when i visited the site reading and re-reading the contents over again under the intoxication of Obey’s magic! You must experience it yourself too at the website of Egba Progressive Association, Inc.

I recommend that you should afterwards go to The Yoruba Forum where the accounts are also reproduced, to make your comments and start discussions on the topic in order to unearth further details…


9 comments on “History of Abeokuta

  1. Thanks alot for this wonderful site. Am proud to be Egba. We shall never leave the path of our ancestor, we will surely for you the initiator of this site. More grace of God to your life. Tanx

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