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3 comments on “Using Our Websites

  1. It was the nephew of Oba Adegboyega Dosunmu that got married and not Niece, the nephew”s name is Adewale Dosunmu

  2. Abiodun, thank you for your correction.
    However it is difficult to determine which event, and for that matter which article you refer to, because it definitely is not “Using Our Websites”.
    May you be making reference to “November Outings With The Olowu” posted on May 13, 2012?
    I was at the event to perform asiwaju duties for Kabiyesi, and could have sworn his direct connection was with the bride. Talk about gross misconception!
    Once again Abiodun, Thank you for the observation. I shall do the necessary edits.

    Ps: Try using the forum for your future comments. Search the headlines for the appropriate article and make your comments in the reply area below it. That way your comments will not be off-point with the articles.
    I have opened a subscription for you at the forum with a reproduction of your comment, and sent the password to your email address in our records. Check your email and click HERE to go to the forum.

    • My Dear Olori-Igbimo,
      I think the two events were held in November, the one i am referring to is that of the Country Club. The second was wedding of his daughter which took place on Nov 17 and 19 at Day Star Church and reception at Darlington Hall Ilupeju.
      Keep on keeping on for the good job and making Owu proud. God Almighty will strengthen and meet at your point of needs. Anlugbua a gbe yin.

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