New Chieftains Installed

Thursday, March 15, 2012: OLOWU PALACE.

2 new chieftain titles were taken up at the Owu Palace when the Olowu approved and blessed the installation of the chiefs by the Balogun Apomu of Owu Kingdom.

The chieftain titles installed were those of the Asipa  Apomu of Owu Kingdom taken up by a new chief, and the Olori-Igbimo Apomu of Owu Kingdom, occupied by an existing chief of Apomu Owu. The Olowu of Owu, Oba Adegboyega Dosunmu in his highlight address at the occasion treated the guests to some historical tutorials of the Owu life and styles, present and antique! the Asipa Owu who anchored the occasion in his characteristic manner, displayed his mastery of the traditional arts of his job. Also present at the event was the Asipa Erunmu, the three thus fulfilling the full complement of Owu primary Asipas headed by Chief Akin Obimakinde.


Sunday, March 25, 2012: APOMU VILLAGE.

Eleven new chiefs were introduced at the village hall amidst a ceremony attended by a wide cross-section of the villagers who were visibly elated and thankful at finally breaking the age old drought of ‘chieftain title shyness’ which had plagued the sleepy community for decades! In fact, there was a time when the Baale was about the only accredited chieftain in the community. Three years ago, 5 more chiefs were installed…and now a whooping further 11, with 4 more to go on the list!

The event was so momentous as to witness a Baale of an adjourning community near Papa Lanto coming up to take a lesser chieftain title at this his paternal ancestral village…and promising to help positively with the community’s development programs.

Also for the first time in the living memory of the village, a man and wife took up chieftaincy titles together…as the Akinrogun and Yeye Akinrogun. These may be issues of little significance taken for granted elsewhere, but here at Apomu village, it really is a big deal!

It is widely believed that these new developments shall open the way for new concepts, new thinking, and new developments for the village and snap it out of its ‘stone-age’ principles.

Gracing the occasion in their new capacities were the Olori-Igbimo Apomu Owu and the Asipa Apomu Owu who were there to represent the Balogun Apomu of Owu Kingdom, Chief Simeon Olugbemi Oshunbiyi, who is also the primary arbiter of the community.


Saturday, April 28, 2012: ERUNMU OWU.

The Council of Chiefs of Erunmu today installed a new Iyalaje of Erunmu to further boost the verile and bubbling chieftain council of this primary owu community in Abeokuta.

The celebration took place at the Ibara residence of the super active Balogun Erunmu of Owu Kingdom, Chief (Rtd. General) Ekundayo Opaleye.

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