Akinale Day 2011 Celebrations – Revisited

Oba Ogunleye presenting awards

The Akinale Day 2011 feature has just been re-introduced on Owulakoda.com.


Well, in case you did not notice, the link to the article from this blog did not work…and the full story was inaccessible.

It was also discovered (after a royal intervention) that all the links in the “Festival News” category of Owulakoda Magazine homepage are presently static and will only lead you to a blank page. Unfortunately, the Akinale Day story also belongs to this category. As a result of these misnomers, the story could not be read by numerous visitors…so we have decided to reintroduce it after haven found a roundabout way of circumventing the problem which for some uncanny reason is still defying solution. But we too are not relenting!

You can now click on the link below which will take you to a duplicate page of the story that we have created in order to side-step the link bug. Please avoid linking from the ” Festival News” category as the problem still persist there. However, linking from the “Featured” slider at the top of the magazine homepage or the “News and Events” category areas will promptly get you to the article.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Click here to Read full story of “Akinale Day 2011 Celebrations”


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