Bobagbimo Owu dies

Pa Bosun Ogunrinde, The Late Bobagbimo Owu


Pa Chief Oladehinde Ogunrinde the late BOBAGBIMO of OWU ABEOKUTA and the Vice Patron of Owu Descendants Union (UK) was given a well deserved and befitting grand funeral in Lagos on Friday 16th September 2011. The celebration of Papa’s life began with the service of songs at the Methodist Cathedral in Lagos. Amongst the dignitaries present was OBA OLUFEMI OGUNLEYE the TOWULADE of AKINALE who eulogised on the life of the late BOBAGBIMO of OWU LAND.
The funeral service also took place at the Methodist cathedral in Lagos. Since the Kabiyesi must not (according to Yoruba custom and tradition) personally attend a funeral service the Olowu Oba Dr. Olusanya Adegboyega Dosunmu (Amororo II) was represented by Owu chiefs, including the OLORI BOSUN DOSUNMU with the staff of office of the Kabiyesi…

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