The Afro Brazilian Religions

The African slaves especially those from the west, carried along their Yoruba religion with them when they were brought to Brazil, Candomblé as Afro- Brazilians term this religion is one which seeks harmony with nature. The worship of this religion is carried out in religious centres called terreiros. At the hem of affairs are priestesses, known as mães de santo (mother of saints) or priests, pais de santo (father of saints). Gigantic statues of all kinds could be noticed around these Candomblé temples. They are called the orixás ( African gods) that accompanied the slaves from Africa to Brazil.

Most Afro- Brazilians cherish these gods that they have preserved and worshipped for over 500 years. They fought to realize the fusion of Catholicism with their worship, doctrines and beliefs. In the religious ceremonies, practitioners dress in the colors of the orixás and place food at the altar before singing special songs and…

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