The Dark Side…Of A Proud Heritage!

E kaabo (welcome), my kith and kins of Owu, Yoruba and black Africa. We are all tied by one eventful apron-string of destiny, regardless of tribe, tongue, geography or politics.

I do not know what we may have done (sic) in our past lives to warrant the gruesome cleansing we have had to undergo, but whatever it was, I believe the perfectly impartial Creator of this Universe is well in control of the situations and shall render reparations…if indeed we are somber  and deserving of such. My prayers are that we may fulfill his conditions for such mercies.

No doubt our ancestors have sinned – Sin by allowing the temptations and allures from aliens unknown and previously unheard of to set brother against brother in the pretext of warfare, only to hoard the captives onto the galleons of the white slave merchants, to be conveyed to a strange world where they would never see their flourishing motherland Africa again, that is if they were fortunate enough to survive the tortuous and humiliating transit, to where their children, and the children of those children shall be stamped with the eternal humiliation of being branded by the names of their very slave owners and plantation terrorists, or worse still, to be branded with the names of the very ship that offered them only relentless nightmares for many a months. Yes we have sinned through our ancestors who forgot the pride and glory of their African heritage, where nature smiles broadly and wallows in youthful propagation all year round…and they now denied their kinsmen of these heavenly heritage by selling them for material and power gains into the climatic dungeons of an unknown dark and damp world of frigid existence. We sure need to repent and ask for forgiveness!


These words are the primers of a new series I shall embark upon to extend the scope of this website beyond our immediate environment, and focus also on the history of shame that had trailed our proud heritage, where dogs delighted in eating dogs!

Follow me into the dark dungeons of our past! :

2 comments on “The Dark Side…Of A Proud Heritage!

  1. What are the preparation for.development in my lovest town.orile-owu.(2) who wil be our next king of orile-owu (3) we need more development and i pray God we not leave us.And also pray for forgivenes bcos there is a lot of past sin that may occur know.Thank i lov orile owu much than you ALL……..

    • The late Oba Afelele II did wonders during his time to transform that sleepy Orile-Owu. I am sure he shall be severely missed by the populace!

      As per your question as to what comes next and who does what. Am sure you will appreciate that i am not in a position to say or do anything about that…but if you want to give your question a wider coverage to attract independent answers, mi suggest you re-post it at the Owu Discussion Forum (Click here to go there)

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