Akinale Day 2011 Celebrations

Towulade Ogunleye & Olori with Royal Guests


On saturday, October 29, 2011, all was agog at Akinale, an Owu township a stone-throw from Wasimi on the Lagos – Abeokuta carriageway.


It was on that day that Akinale celebrated its Day, barely 3 weeks after the annual Odun Omo Olowu in Abeokuta where it also was all pomp and pageantry. In fact it now appears that the month of October was created by Odumare specially for the Owu to frolic (just like the Germans do at Oktoberfest) wherever they may be, perhaps through the interceding grace of their quasi-mythical ancestor, Obatala, who was reputed to have played a major role during creation!

The theme of this Akinale Day was “Honor the heroes past, motivate the present and build capacity for succession”. In interpreting this theme, Oba Femi Ogunleye, the Towulade of Akinale identified 4 ancient Owu warriors who were prominent heroes in the “war of unity and survival of Abeokuta as a federal nation in pre-Nigeria era”. These were AKINDELE GBALEFA, AKANNI LAPELEKE, AWAYE SONLU, and SANGOJINMI GUDUGBA who were valiant war generals of the Egba allied forces during those…

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