Owu Falls: Goldmine waiting to be tapped

The article reproduced below was brought to my attention on Saturday 5th November 2011 by the Olowu of Owu, Oba Dr Adegboyega Dosunmu, the same day it was published in Punch newspaper.
I was trailing his vehicle as we drove between venues at an outing in Lagos when i noticed him stopping to make a newspaper purchase from a roadside vendor somewhere in Oshodi. I didn’t think anything about the incident then until after the ceremony when he paused to bid me farewell at the gate of Ikeja Country Club. “Asiwaju”, said he. “There is an article i will like you to read. It is about an Owu Falls in Kwara. You will find it in today’s Punch”. “Thank you Kabiyesi, i will seek it out”, was my retort. It was already late, about 5pm so it proved impossible for me to find a newspaper vendor at that time. However i later searched on-line and was able to locate the article at the Punch website. It should be noted that a  couple of months earlier, the Olowu had briefed me about the ancient settlement of the Owus at Kempe region in the present Kwara State (See article: ‘A Dialogue With The Olowu‘), and I instantly discerned that he was pointing out further circumstantial evidence attested by the name of the Falls to support that claim, and to refute the suggestion of Ipole-Owu (Orile-Owu in Oshun State) as the original cradle of the Owu nation. Find the newspaper article reproduced below…
  • Owu Water Falls

‘Owu Falls: Goldmine waiting to be tapped’ – Culled from The Punch Newspaper. Written by  Success Nwogu

Owu Falls is found  in Owakajola in Ifelodun Local Government Area of Kwara State.

The waterfall, which cascades about 330 feet down an escarpment, with rocky outcrops to a pool of cold water below, is surrounded by a mountainous terrain  that extends to Ekiti and Kogi states.

The waterfall, which is usually in its peak during the rainy season, is capable of generating between 5MW and 8MW of electricity…

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7 comments on “Owu Falls: Goldmine waiting to be tapped

  1. hi,am a final year student of urban and regional planning of kwara state polytechnic amd i need full data about owu falls in kwara state which i’d chosen as my project.i’l b very greatful if my request is instantly granted.tanks for your support.jenny

    • Hi Jenny. That’s a pretty good project choice you’ve made there, in my opinion. However, what you may have read in the post on this site is about all the details i have on the subject matter. As stated in the post, it was culled from the *Punch* newspaper of the *5th of November 2011. *

      My research approach would have been as follows. First to identify authorities or data sources like : (1) The reporter whose name is *Success Nwogo*. (2) Certain traceable authorities that were mentioned in the report including (3) The Director-General of the National Centre for Hydro-Power Research and Development, Prof. Bolaji Sule, (4) The Onire of Owajakola, *Oba Adeniyi Asinbiorin II*, (5) The Chief Medical Officer of the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital,* Dr. Abdulwaheed Olatinwo*, and (6) *Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed *presumably of Kwara State.

      So Jennifer if you were to follow up on these leads and others you will definitely stumble upon as you investigate further, you must end up with a classic project. You may start by ‘Googling’ Punch newspaper Nigeria and refine your search parameters until you strike on your desired targets.

      For a complete experience of your project, don’t exclude a physical pilgrimage to the Falls because as they say, “Irohin ko to afojuba” (Seeing is believing)! Then when you are done, Owulakoda.com will welcome your eye-witness account which we shall eagerly publish on this site.

      Wishing you success.

  2. Please,am a student of ajayi crowther we want to come on excursion to owu fall,so we need a phone number of owu fall admin so we can talk

    • Sorry Akinwale, i don’t have it. But i will suggest you contact the Kwara State Government or any of its liaison offices close to you for further details .

  3. Please you can call me on 08034008240 or send me your contact so we can talk on how and the critaria for the coming on excursion to owu fall

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