Caught In The Web Of Royal Feuds

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Hello (identity concealed on request)


I understand the concern, zest and fire raging on within you over the apparent open violation of Owu rights by the Alake…but I believe we must tread with caution and employ commonsense and diplomacy to address the issues!

We must not forget that the days of the true Owu Kingdom have long expired with the collapse of Orile Owu during the Yoruba wars. What we have now is just a political arrangement in the semblance of such.


While it is true that places like Ifo, Ota and the rest of them in Aworiland were conquered or acquired through intimidation and conflicts, and it is also true that these towns fall under the political jurisdiction allotted to the Olowu within the Egba United Government scheme, one vital fact that should be remembered is that it was a joint military operation of all Abeokuta forces at large that achieved the victories, not an exclusively Owu army, regardless of whatever major acts they may have performed during the campaigns! – so it may be wrong for us to say we should rule over the settlements because we conquered them. We didn’t do it alone and we are only ruling over them now because of a political arrangement which to the best of my knowledge was introduced by the British Colonial powers sometimes between 1898 and 1914 in response to the efforts of Rev. Henry Townsend starting from before 1854…

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