SIA CAP – What cap?

amosun cap

The SIA Cap

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Behold the ‘other crown’ of Owu Kingdom, that peaks aloft like a diamond in the sky, a silver star over the horizons of Ogun State!

No special awards for guessing the face beneath the ‘crown’.

No laurels either for prophesying that this cap has a destiny as the ‘peak on the heads’ of ‘Ogun-ites’ at least for the next four years.

amosun cap2The SIA cap bears the appointed destiny to knock the OGD cap into obscurity!

OGD and cap

What does the SIA cap symbolize? Is its towering nature supposed to represent the Olumo peak, or the upward striving of its wearer, and perhaps the people of his ancestory? Is it a variation of the Abiola cap…which incidentally strives for the heavens also, or perhaps the Nothern version, the Shagari cap? Or it may symbolize something totally different that defies our imagination – or maybe even nothing at all, and just a fad!

abiola cap

Abiola and cap

Who else to shed light upon all these intrigues but the Governor-designate himself? And who says a governor cannot address his people by himself through the pages of the website of his clansmen? PUBLICLY INVITES SENATOR IBIKUNLE AMOSUN (SIA) to tell us about the Amosun cap, and to reveal himself to his people in a few lines through the comment box like we all do in the style of a Governor of the people, by the people, for the people!

We thank and appreciate the Governor-designate in anticipation of his response!


One comment on “SIA CAP – What cap?

  1. Hello,am from Abeokuta,but not owu.Please,you had a programme sometimes ago,about representing ypur people who have immigration problems,i just want to know if you still help people concerning this,Thanks so much and God bless.

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