Enters Amosun – A Gallant Owu Warrior!

SIA Ibikunle Amosun. One time Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, one time displaced victor of the 2007 governorship election of Ogun State, (well that is what he believes…and believe me, there are a whole hoard of people who believe it with him), one time appellant at the electoral tribunals (in frantic but futile efforts to reclaim his ‘stolen mandate’), – but AT ALL TIMES AN OWU MAN, a true son of Ajibosin, of Anlugbua who will NEVER succumb to victimization nor defeat, who will never agree to be cheated.

In the spirit of “Un o gba hun” – a phraseology for which Owu people are identified, typifying their characteristic vociferous but vehement refusal to succumb to any form of intimidation be it from a giant or dwarf, Ibikunle the true son of his father forged ahead, did everything legally possible, defied all odds, criticisms and advises (incidentally including my own suggesting he waited patiently till 2011. Well he has had to, hasn’t he?) and relentlessly marched towards his goal – that seat at Oke Mosan…and he never stopped nor wavered until he got there. TYPICAL!!!

Owulakoda.com tips, nay, flings its hat off the roof in jubilation with one of its own who has made it to the top where he belongs, and if it must be said, where he deserves to be!Amosun

He was invited to profile himself on these pages as the tsunamis for the elections gathered. Not him. He wouldn’t be distracted (if that is tantamount to distraction. I wouldn’t know). He just had to be focused and win at all cost…and guess what? He did! I raise my butts off my seat for you…and need it be reiterated that i am proud of you, we are proud of you, the Molashin clan is proud of you? Indeed the entire Owu Kingdom… Kingdoms…or their fragments are proud of you. This is not about politics or individuality. This is about culture, about a people who had stood together through thick and thin in history and bear the scars of turmoil and the laurels of the fulfillments of those engagements in their chest of talents. This is about the OWU NATION – and i speak for all and sundry neither with fear of contradiction nor with doubt or antagonism that we salute you. You have made us all proud!

May your reign bring us prosperity, peace and understanding in Ogun State as the reign of Owu icons always do (Ask those who really know Aremu through his works, or Obatala the Orishanla for that matter)!

A Promise That Must Not Be Forgotten!

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