Owu Annual Festival – Odun Omo Olowu

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oladipo yemitan

Mr Oladipo Yemitan

Since the re-introduction of the Omo-Olowu Festival (Odun Omo Olowu) in October 2010, the banners of this ancient Owu cultural festival has been flown high and wide at home and abroad in a concerted effort that is geared towards promoting it as a fore-running international festival of culture, the arts and anthropology. Mr Oladipo Yemitan, a veteran journalist, broadcaster, author, cultural researcher and maestro of the Yoruba life and styles drops an eye-opening bombshell…a hitherto forgotten journal of practices and observances associated with the very Odun Omo Olowu that has just been rejuvenated in the modern Owu Kingdom! This is just a fractal part of his revealing book on Owu history which is soon to hit the bookstands…and shall also be available for download through Owulakoda.com and its sister sites. Click here to read the details


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