PROFILE: Johnson Olu Fatoki

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As Nigeria prepares for its general election into political offices, aspirants have sprung up and begun their scramble for exposition and recognition all over the nation. Of course, the Owus are never to be left out of any race, especially when it has to do with power, governance and servitude. There is bound to find one or two of them in the fore-front of the race.

Throughout known history, Owu people had always distinguished themselves in this respect; starting from their craftily but innately intuitively wrestling the first coronation from their maternal grandfather, Oduduwa to become the first so crowned among the Yorubas, through to their influence over the old Oyo Kingdom until Sango (5th Alaafin of Oyo) came to the rescue, through to becoming an Olubadan of Ibadan (Olugbode, 1851-64), and thus ruling over the same very people who had sacked their city-fort of Orile-Owu in the Yoruba wars, through to ruling over the Ake people and thus the whole of Abeokuta as Alake (Ademola, 1869-77) and recently to presiding over the whole of Nigeria, the monumental giant of Black Africa – no just once, but twice (Obasanjo, 1976-79 and 1999-2007).

Hon.Johnson Olu Fatoki

Hon. Johnson Olu Fatoki


Yet, they haven’t rested their oars as more and more gradually but steadily climb up the political ladder, as with the likes of Ibikunle Amosun (former Senator, and two times gubernatorial aspirant for Ogun State, Iyabode Obasanjo, Senator, and gunning for a re-run. is featuring the profiles of these Owu citizens who are in the current race for office at various levels, starting with Hon. Johnson Olu Fatoki, a thorough-bred son of the Owu soil who is also the Otun-Balogun of Erunmu, the Asiwaju of Arigbajo, businessman, manufacturer, and an Ogun State legislator with a ‘no push over’ disposition – cannot be pushed over, and is seeking another mandate to continue his good works in the Ogun State House of Assembly under the umbrella of the Peoples Democratic Party of Nigeria!

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2 comments on “PROFILE: Johnson Olu Fatoki

  1. The idea of projecting people, culture, and history of Owu Kingdom is very commendable efforts and should be encouraged by all. I sincerely wish my elder brother handling this project a continous ability and capability to sustain this laudable task.

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