Owulakoda – Never Say Never!

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yoruba drummers

Owulakoda.com main site was down and out for about a fortnight ailing from a jumbled layout and broken theme, which ultimately blocked its visibility from the Internet for a while. This site, the blog of Owulakoda was however unaffected.

We apologize for any inconvenience experienced during the disruption…but the challenge is over and there is cause to celebrate and scintillate to the drum beats. We have been fixed up and are aching to forge ahead with the crusade for Owuland! Hooray!!!

In the course of the month we shall bring you a tantalizing feature of the proud Owu settlement of Akinale in Ewekoro LGA., its people, its commerce, its industries, and not least of all, its vibrant and charismatic tireless Coronet Oba, Olufemi Oguleye who epitomizes everything truly Owu!

Another feature in the month’s arsenal is on nobody else but the foremost Owu historical author and ex-broadcasting juggernaut, Oladipo Yemitan, who silently makes waves in the midst of the ancestors by systematically unearthing their true nature and valiance for the world to comprehend. Excerpts from his existing and yet to come revolutionary and sometimes controversial works and findings shall also be featured alongside. Later on, many of these works, eg. ‘Adubi War’ , ‘Madam Tinubu’  etc shall be available  in downloadable digital format for historical enthusiasts and scholars alike through our companion site and Internet marketplace, Apomu.com which is presently enshrined in an advanced stage of pregnancy and shall soon be born, so be on the LOOK OUT!


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