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Merry Christmas to the world from the scepter of the ancient Owu Kingdom!

On behalf of Kabiyesi, Olowu of the ancient Owu Kingdom, Oba (Dr) Adegboyega Dosunmu, The Cabinet and Chiefs of the Olowu, and the entire people of the Owu Kingdom, home and abroad, i the Asiwaju-Apomu of this ancient kingdom wish the entire human race a merry Christmas festival.

May the spirit of the season cultivate the sense of an all-embracing love, affinity for a peaceful coexistence, and a disposition for the welfare of fellow human beings regardless of race, creed or religion in each and every one of us worldwide. AMEN!!!


…by the way!

Are you going to be at ‘home’ this Christmas?

Are you likely to be in the midst of family and elders?

Why don’t you ask some historical questions about your family, Owu people or the Yoruba tribe in general and come back to to share your findings with the world?

Let us jointly propagate and overcome the challenging task of historical reconstruction and cultural enrichment arm in arm. Your own contribution is never too little!


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