Owulakoda’s New Look


Beer Power - 'Ar'oti We Bi Ojo'

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Have a beer with me, ‘Owu omo a r’oti we bi ojo’  (the valiant Owu son who soaks-in the liquor as if it’s rainfall)!

I have just finished changing the overall presentation theme of the owulakoda blog (owulakoda.wordpress.com) to the one you are now viewing, as a part of an ongoing upgrading and propagation of the site.  I also had to borrow one of the headmasts originally designed for her new companion site, Owulakoda.com to achieve the right look and give her a new ‘coronation’. (His Royal Highness ‘who shakes the horns of the buffalo’ also peeks from behind a screen in the banner). You may also have noticed that the general background now wears the green-white-green cloak of the Nigerian flag to reflect the national geography of the Owu people!

Please leave a comment of approval or suggestion on the new theme, especially if you are a returnee visitor and are familiar with the old layout which had been running for the past one year.

Thanks. I need your opinions to enhance the site appropriately and boost its entertainment value…(and am extremely thirsty)!!!

Barka de Sallah!

Bring out the ‘nama’ (goat meat). Let’s hit the bottle, folks!


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