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What is the meaning of that name , and how did it derive?

The name derived from thr name AKINDELE ONILU OGBA

(Akindele in whose grove the sound of drumming is frequently heard).

Onilu Ogba became corrupted to Anlugbua!

As to who he was, be on the look out (on the pages of for the full story.

Oladipo Yemitan


6 comments on “Anlugbua

  1. I don’t know at all? No clue. Just that i was told by my late dad (an Owu chief) that anlugbua was a deity worshipped by predecessors and worhiped in Orile Owu. I have only been in Orle Owu twice in my whole life (shame) when my dad was made chief and when chief Ogungbe was made chief. these are many moons away.
    I hav ebeen following trends on this site for a while so when the subject of anlugbua came up I thought to highlight the facts that I believe to be getting mixed up. I say facts because the late Oba Iyiola Oyewale Matanmi III deeply discussed about this and other issues while my dad was with us in person.

    You are dong a wonderful job here please keep it up

    • Thank you Omo Otomporo.
      I hope you read my recent comment on Anlugbua.
      The subject is perhaps the most known in Owu…even far more than Ajibosin, alias ‘Asunkungbade’ who was the first Owu man and progenitor of the whole race.
      However, the Anlugbua tale has been so much bastardized, if i may use that phrase, as every Owu settlement tend to personalize him to themselves. That beats me!
      The truth about the myth is that Anlugbua has perhaps been over-glorified and his feats have also been over-fantasized (I am yet to truly know the fantastic things he did apart from mistakingly beheading his own people!)
      Please do not get me wrong, but in this age of realism, i think we need to de-emphasize the Anlugbua sentiments just a little bit!
      I know this my submission is bound to offend so many of our Owu people, especially the hard core traditionalists, but the truth does not say we have to bury it (the truth) underground. Think about it! I believe there is more content to Owu history than Anlugbua (although i confess to also acclaim him as an Owu hero and role model…for whatever reason, which i may not fully understand).
      You see, perhaps what i am really trying to say may be that i want someone out there to fully educate me about Anlugbua…and why virtually all Owu settlements tell the lies that he went underground in their own domain? Could he have gone underground with his chain in every major and minor Owu settlements, including hamlets, and even some family compounds all at the same time? Common…spare me the joke…let’s get real! Or perhaps i just woke up on the wrong side of the bed today!!!???

  2. Ashiwaju,when you visited orile owu you said that olowu show where Anlugbua went down did you saw the chain that indicated that was excert place he went down,why did he went down,who later draw the chain and when was it before Apomu market saga or after,sir i want you shed more light on these

    • You want the truth, and nothing else but the real truth?
      I never believed him…and i didn’t see no chain!

      Please read my response to Omo Otomporo’s comment to know my true disposition to this overslugged Anlugbua thing.
      Also i think it may be better to continue this discussion at the Forum… of which i have taken the trouble to subscribe you (and also Omo Otomporo) to, if it is convenient.

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